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April 2011 Donation Wallpaper

April 2011 Donation Wallpaper published on No Comments on April 2011 Donation Wallpaper

Okay, so it only took me three months or so, but a new donation wallpaper is now available! April’s wallpaper features a new character we’ve only just met as of page 10-14 – but we’ll found out more about them soon enough. The wallpaper is available in widescreen and standard formats, and you’ll be automatically forwarded to the download when you donate any amount. Remember – for every $25 in donations or shop purchases, an extra update will be added! (See the shop for more info.)

Reader donations help keep the comic hosted, supplied, and updating regularly! Thanks for your support!

Ordinary Monday

Ordinary Monday published on No Comments on Ordinary Monday

Hey comic readers! I hope my American readers had a great Thanksgiving, and that everyone else had a great weekend in general. I baked a pie and ate way too much, so mine was pretty good.

Today is the last day the November wallpaper will be available! If you’ve thought about downloading it, now’s your last chance! You can donate any amount to the comic via Paypal to receive it. Like always, it’s available as a high-resolution file in widescreen and standard formats. Remember that every donation goes toward an extra weekly comic page! The December wallpaper will be going up tomorrow.

Using the new artwork I created for the wallpaper, I also put together an ornament that’s available from Cafepress. I’ll probably be taking it down after the holidays are over (sometime in January?) so if you’d like one, now’s a great time to jump on it because Cafepress is running all kinds of holiday coupon codes all the time.

In other notes, I’ve updated the Story Guide to bring the summary-so-far up to date. The Shop has also been updated to fix broken links as well as include a link to the Webcomics: What’s Cooking? anthology.

Thanks for reading, and check back on Friday for the next page!

It’s November!

It’s November! published on No Comments on It’s November!

Happy November, comic readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween last night.

It’s the first of the month, so your votes are really important this week! There’s a new vote incentive featuring a rough version of a page from one of the bonus comics I’ve put together for book 2. I’ve completed the pages, but it wouldn’t be much fun to give everything away.

Click to vote!

Also, the November wallpaper is now available!

This month’s wallpaper features Eldora and Finnegan goofing off in a pile of autumn leaves. Donate any amount via Paypal and you’ll be automatically redirected to a download link. The wallpaper is a high-resolution file available in widescreen and standard formats. Additionally, for every $25 collected in donations, an extra comic page will be added for that week!

[donation-can nov2010wallpaper show_description=false show_title=false show_progress=true]

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and check back Friday for more!

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