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The Story So Far

New reader? Been a while since you’ve read Messenger? Here’s the rundown.

In a destroyed world reduced to warring clans, Akiara Kenakobe is feeling conflicted. After her forbidden friendship with a boy from another clan ends with his death, she decides to leave home, taking only her sword and a few supplies.
Meanwhile, in another part of the world, Eldora and her brother Finn are part of the Chio Village. One day, the villagers become gravely ill, and Eldora’s elder, Jazlyn, sends her on a quest to find a cure in the city far away.
Akiara meets a mysterious being named Nekos, who is a Messenger. She learns about the past and her family’s connection to the world in conflict. She continues on her journey to find herself, and ends up in the city.
Aki meets with Eldora, Finn, and their Messenger companion. They move to investigate a building, when there’s an unexpected explosion, and the group is separated from Eldora.
The trio regroups and meets Kate, a friendly human dwelling in the city. She offers them shelter in exchange for their help in her projects. They accept, planning to search for Eldora.
Elsewhere, Aki’s cousin Zavier and the Kenakobe elders meet to discuss their runaway relative and why it’s important to bring her and the sword back home. They also discuss some other mysterious activities they’ve been up to in their home territory. 

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