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It’s November!

It’s November! published on No Comments on It’s November!

Happy November, comic readers! I hope everyone had a fantastic Halloween last night.

It’s the first of the month, so your votes are really important this week! There’s a new vote incentive featuring a rough version of a page from one of the bonus comics I’ve put together for book 2. I’ve completed the pages, but it wouldn’t be much fun to give everything away.

Click to vote!

Also, the November wallpaper is now available!

This month’s wallpaper features Eldora and Finnegan goofing off in a pile of autumn leaves. Donate any amount via Paypal and you’ll be automatically redirected to a download link. The wallpaper is a high-resolution file available in widescreen and standard formats. Additionally, for every $25 collected in donations, an extra comic page will be added for that week!

[donation-can nov2010wallpaper show_description=false show_title=false show_progress=true]

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and check back Friday for more!

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