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A runaway girl, her dead best friend, and a group of genetically altered creatures try to survive in Earth’s distant future.

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Messenger is the story of a band of survivors making their way in a post-apocalyptic future. Akiara Kenakobe escapes her tribal home on the wasteland following the death of her best friend, Luke. With only her sword for company, she soon begins to make new friends: a Messenger on his way to the afterlife, two fuzzy Chios named Eldora and Finnegan, and someone completely unexpected. Her absence wasn’t missed at home, of course, and the crew soon finds themselves at the head of a pursuit through the ruins of the Northeast United States.

The comic updates at least once a week, and is drawn and written by Bug, with the occasional writerly assistance from Delade! Messenger is made using all real media like ink and watercolors, with text and sound effects added digitally. It usually updates on Saturdays. In general, there is some violence and occasional swearing, so if you’re unsure about reading it might be best to ask your parents if it’s okay.

Messenger has a sister comic named Follower, which is a prequel story set well before the end of the world. It updates weekly on Wednesdays.

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Good Karma:
Messenger is a story that takes place in a dark post-apocalyptic future, so it seems fitting to help out where possible to try and make the present a better place! Here are places where characters from Messenger have helped to pitch in and support a variety of charities and other good causes:
The Web Artist Charity – The proceeds for several drawings of Chios were donated to relief efforts for Hurricane Sandy.
Webcomics: What’s Cooking? – A cookbook illustrated by a variety of webcomic creators, with all proceeds benefitting Food Banks of North America. Includes a special page featuring the cast of Messenger!
Comic Creators Alliance – Webcomic artists coming together to collaborate on a wallpaper which is sold during January in honor of National Human Trafficking Awareness Day, with proceeds benefitting Love 146 and Gracehaven.

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