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Friday Update!

Friday Update! published on No Comments on Friday Update!

Hey comic readers! Happy Friday!

In news this week, there’s a brand-new donation wallpaper up! This month’s wallpaper features the cats of Messenger – Icy and Morris! Donate any amount via Paypal and you’ll automatically be redirected to a download link. (You can also check out a video of how the wallpaper was made!) Donations support the ongoing production of the comic and help to keep the author alive.

The Reader’s Choice Vote for the fanart contest is still on through Saturday! Vote for your favorite contest entry!
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That’s pretty much all in news for now. Check back Monday for the next new page and a brand-new vote incentive!

New Donation Wallpaper!

New Donation Wallpaper! published on No Comments on New Donation Wallpaper!

There is a new donation wallpaper available, featuring Luke!

Donating any amount via the Paypal button in the sidebar will allow you to download the large-size wallpaper! (Without the text on it, don’t worry.) You will also receive the wallpaper upon checkout from any purchases in the shop or when paying for a commission, so everybody wins!

Remember, all donations/shop sales/commissions this month go toward extra pages!

voting, misc. site updates

voting, misc. site updates published on No Comments on voting, misc. site updates

Hey all, just another mini-update that I meant to include last night with the new page, except I was dead tired and just didn’t feel like writing it. I am lazy. While there’s no new page today, there are a few other small things around the site that may or may not be interesting or useful. You decide!

* It’s nearing the end of January, which means that a whole new month of voting is about to begin! If you have a second or two, I’d really appreciate a vote! Voting takes two clicks and helps expose the comic to new readers! Help me out! <3 There's even a new drawing there if you click all the way through. I have plans for new February incentives, as well!

* The Story Guide has been updated to include the conclusion of Chapter Six and the start of Chapter Seven. This is just a running synopsis of the story chapter by chapter for anyone who wants to check up on something without having to re-read the ENTIRE thing. Not that it’s that long. Although I am coming up on 200 pages. 😮

* You can now subscribe to Messenger updates via e-mail in addition to RSS. Signing up for updates will send along the latest new stuff from the site. (Also, because I like to know this stuff when I sign up for things, your e-mail is only used for this subscription and won’t be resold or passed on to anyone else.)

* In other miscellany, I’ve been working on adding more useful tags to each comic page for quick reference, as well as transcriptions to make it more searchable. I’m trying to prepare for the day when I have a huge archive to flip through. One day! ;o;

* I’ve taken down the fall donation wallpaper, so if you missed out on it, sorry! I plan on doing another one eventually. Maybe this spring.

In short, there will be a new page Sunday night/Monday morning, because that’s all anyone really cares about, anyway. :B

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