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Books and Late Updates

Books and Late Updates published on No Comments on Books and Late Updates

Eeek. Yes, there has been an update this week! I just didn’t write a real update post to go along with it. Why? Because things have been crazy here at Bug Industries over the past week, and I’ve also been sinking a bunch of time into working on Book 2.

I just submitted the re-release of the first issue of Messenger to Kablam for printing. It looks as though it’ll round out to about $7 + shipping, which is pretty sweet compared to Lulu’s 12. I’ll probably take the Lulu copy down soon (but leave up the e-book or something if I can) since it’s kind of pointless and redundant to have two versions floating around. Issue 2 will likely shape up to be around the same price, and since books aren’t terribly heavy I’ll bet shipping will be combined. I am debating/working out the logistics of doing a pre-order thing – bundling the 2 books signed/sketched in, with a sticker and/or a bookmark or some other thing. I’ll have a better idea when I get the second book finished and off to the printer, but I’d guess the price would be about $20 shipped? Does that sound horribly prohibitive? Would anyone even care? I don’t even know. D:

All that said, if you snagged a copy of the Lulu version sometime in the past year, don’t bother picking up the new Kablam print; they’re identical with the exception of a couple of ads at the end and a different cover. (Save your moneys and pick up issue 2 later this summer! :V )

In other notes, there are a couple of new link exchanges up on the links page, which I’ve neglected to mention: Wayrift and Ginpu! Thanks for linking, guys! 🙂

Vote incentives are late but will be up in a day or so – like I said, things have been crazy around here lately. Ugh.

Welcome TopWebComics Visitors!

Welcome TopWebComics Visitors! published on No Comments on Welcome TopWebComics Visitors!

Stopping in from TopWebComics? Welcome!

I’m helping TWC test out a new advertising placement for a while, so if you’ve clicked my ad, that’s why you’re here!

If you’re curious about the comic you’ve just landed at, check out the About page to learn more about the story. If you like what you see, Messenger updates every Monday, and you can subscribe via RSS or e-mail for updates!

Thanks for stopping in, and I hope you’ll stick with me! ♥

New Reader?

New Reader? published on No Comments on New Reader?

Hey there! Did you arrive here by clicking a link banner from some other comic or website? Are you a new reader? I’ve been doing a bunch of advertising lately to try and build up my readership, and I just want to say welcome, and I hope you’ll stick around!

Messenger is a sci-fi/fantasy webcomic that debuted in 2004 and has almost 200 pages in its archive. It follows the stories of a group of survivors in a post-apocalyptic future. If you’re confused about the story so far, you can easily catch up by skimming through the Story Guide or browsing the Cast page.

Messenger updates every Monday, and is currently almost to the end of Chapter Seven, so you’re in a good place to catch up before Chapter Eight begins! There is also a mini-comic which tells a short side story available by voting for Messenger at TopWebComics every week.

If you use Twitter, you can follow comic updates at @radio_chio. You can also follow comic updates via RSS or e-mail subscription.There is also a forum here on the site for discussions, polls, and secret bonuses for registered members!

Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll stick around! After nearly six years, I’m finally reaching some major turning points in the story and I’m really excited about where things will go from here. I hope you’ll stay with me for the ride. 🙂

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