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Link to Messenger:

Grab your favorite banner, right click + save as… and put it on your own web space. Link it to Instant awesome. d(*w*d)

Looking for other banners in odd sizes? Check here!

Find Messenger at:

Messenger can be found in a lot of places, including comic listings, wikis, and social media sites! Add Messenger to your friends or favorites to help support the comic!

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Comics by Friends:

Comics (and other stuff!) made by my awesome friends!


Sketchy Antics

Recommended Reading:

I read too many comics to really keep track of, but here are some I enjoy.

The Hues

For a more-frequently-updated list of things I’m reading, check out my Comic Rocket profile.

Link Exchanges!

Want to exchange links? Feel free to e-mail me at with a link to your site and a banner. (Bonus points if your banner is 200 x 40 pixels in size!) I prefer to link to webcomics/gaming/art sites, but I’m open to other stuff, too. 🙂

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