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Brief Hiatus; 2010 Wallpaper Pack

Brief Hiatus; 2010 Wallpaper Pack published on No Comments on Brief Hiatus; 2010 Wallpaper Pack

I hate having to do this, but I am going to take a two-week hiatus so I can properly catch up with pages. A ton of (good) things have been going on in my life lately, and I haven’t had the time to devote to drawing like I want to. I don’t want to rush through making pages, so I am going to take a short break from updates for now. I’d rather take my time and make comics I’m happy with than do them just to do them. That said, if you’d like to contribute anything in the way of fanart or guest comics, I’d gladly put it up on the main page during this period! (Email to!)

Did you miss a donation wallpaper last year? Looking for something new and interesting to cover your desktop? The 2010 Wallpaper Pack is now available! $5 will snag you all of the donation incentive wallpapers from 2010, along with a few exclusive extras. 12 wallpapers in total – one for every month of the year! The download includes a copy of each image at high-resolution, in sizes for both widescreen and standard monitors. These wallpapers were only available to donators, and won’t be available again after mid-February, so grab your copy today! Check it out in the shop.

* If you have any trouble receiving your wallpaper download after paying through Paypal, please don’t hesistate to e-mail me at! I’ll make sure you get it.

New page, webhosting dilemmas, webcomic book club

New page, webhosting dilemmas, webcomic book club published on 1 Comment on New page, webhosting dilemmas, webcomic book club

Hey comic readers! It’s Monday again, and that means another new page. So Annabelle is a Messenger. Just how many of these people are there? And why should Aki care? Stay tuned!

Webhosting Dilemmas

Summer is already halfway over (what is this nonsense? where did the time go?) and unfortunately for me, that means that my webhosting bill is coming up a couple of weeks from now. I’ve spent most of the summer in-between freelance jobs and searching for a more permanent job, but that’s all still in the process and I haven’t landed anything just yet. (Though I’m crossing my fingers, for sure.) Though I’ve made a little bit from running advertising on the site, I’m still a decent way off from what I need.

So I propose this: If I round down the cost to $100, and can collect that in donations or commissions by August 13, I will update twice a week for the whole month of September, Mondays and Wednesdays. Also, if you donate $10 or more, I’ll draw a digital sketch for you of the character of your choice, so it’s kind of like a dirt cheap commission. I’m currently working on a new donation wallpaper that will be up in the next few days, and anyone who donates any amount will receive that, at least. I hate having to do something like this but I’m straight up out of options at this point. :/

If you can’t help out by donating, you can always help out by putting up a flyer, voting, or telling your friends about the comic! (Especially if they’re interested in cheap commissions!) Hopefully I’ll be able to get my hosting taken care of, but if not I’ll try to find some other way to keep the comic online. The domain name is paid up through January, at least, so will always link to wherever the comic happens to wind up. I’m hoping to avoid moving everything, especially after all the work I’ve put into the site lately, but I’ll just have to cross my fingers on this one.

Webcomic Book Club

In other notes, I’m participating in a “Webcomic Book Club” that’s been set up by some of the members of the Palace in the Sky Collective, which I am a part of. We’re taking reading through participants’ archives and writing about what we’ve read every two weeks or so to spread the word about all our comics as a group effort. I’m planning to post my notes with my regular updates for the next few weeks as we roll along, and at some point Messenger will be up for reading as well. This week’s comic is Footloose by Alice Nuttall and Emily Brady. Footloose is a fantasy webcomic with a little bit of a twist on the typical kinds of characters and scenarios you see in most fantasy stories.

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Now Open For Commissions! Extra Pages in February!

Now Open For Commissions! Extra Pages in February! published on 4 Comments on Now Open For Commissions! Extra Pages in February!

If you’ve ever wished that I would update the comic more often, now’s your chance!

I’ve decided to open up for commissions! I’ve been in the middle of moving house and a hundred other things that have sucked my bank account dry. I’m between jobs and the freelance work I’ve been doing has been awfully slow recently, so now seems as good a time as any to open up shop. :B

Right now, I’m available only for digital commissions, but you can read more about that by clicking here.

Taking a cue from a couple of other comics I read, I also plan to post an extra page in addition to the regular updates (and owed pages!) for every $50 collected in commissions/shop purchases/donations for the month of February! (I will post a tally in the sidebar to keep track of pages owed.)

If you are interested in commissioning me, or have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or send me an email at bug [at]!

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