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End-of-the-year Update

End-of-the-year Update published on No Comments on End-of-the-year Update

Hey there! I can’t believe it’s already the end of the year, can you? 

This is an update post mostly to let you know that after a lot of thought, I’ve decided to take December off from public updates. I’ll still be updating on Patreon, but I need a bit of time to rebuild a buffer so we can start 2020 right! Delade and I also need time to finalize the script for the next chapter of Follower, since the end is coming up faster than seems possible. 

You can follow us on Patreon, Twitter, or join our email list for schedule updates! Right now I’m planning on starting updates again January 8th.

Thanks again for another year of readership, and we’re looking forward to 2020! 

Fanart Monday?

Fanart Monday? published on No Comments on Fanart Monday?

Hey readers! I realize the page is late, but I am working on it. I’ve been putting most of my effort lately into production work on the Follower book so I can (cross your fingers) get it in print before the end of August. I’m making pretty good progress! I’m also working on some new ideas for hte shop as well, but comics are my priority right now. Once all that is done, Messenger should update much less erratically. I am also considering making update day Monday instead of Saturday, but I’m not sure yet.

In the meantime, please enjoy these two pieces of fanart I received recently and failed to do a Fanart Friday for! Thanks to Yellow and Squashue!

Schedule Change

Schedule Change published on No Comments on Schedule Change

So if you read my last news post, you’ll know that I’ve been working like crazy lately on uh. A lot of things. This is still the case.

I wanted to have Follower live and updating last fall (oops) and due to my real job, I fell way behind on making pages for it. I’m currently working to catch up on them, which will hopefully be a bit quicker and easier when my shiny new tablet arrives sometime next week (?) to replace my 10-year-old Wacom. She lived a good life and traveled basically everywhere with me, which is certainly a testament to how sturdy the old Graphires were, but I’m starting to feel the strain in my wrist from working so much on such a small device. Doing Messenger on paper has basically spoiled me, since I’m free to draw big sweeping lines without worrying about an edge. After some research I decided to invest in one of these 10×6″ Huion tablets. Word is they perform just as well as some of the more recent Intuos tablets (which are kinda spendy if you have a budget of essentially nothing like me) and are nearly double the size of my current device, so it seems worth a shot. I’ll definitely be posting up with some kind of review once I get it, but I have pretty high hopes for it.

Now that I’ve gotten waaay off topic, basically, I’m planning to only post new Messenger pages on Saturdays until I get Follower launched. How long will this be? Probably a month or two on the short side, maybe a bit longer. The bonus is, once it’s started, I’ll have nearly a year’s worth of buffer pages for Follower which will leave me free to work on the next issue and new Messenger pages at the same time.

tl;dr Messenger is now updating only on Saturdays for a while, Follower is coming (hopefully) sooner than never.

Thanks for reading! And don’t forget to vote for Messenger to follow the new short story I’ve been posting!

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