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Extra pages! And other stuff.

Extra pages! And other stuff. published on No Comments on Extra pages! And other stuff.

I have really got to get better at coming up with blog titles.

We are mere pages away from the end of this chapter, and I’m realizing that my supplies have been kind of beat to hell. I’ve been using the exact same set of markers since I started the comic in 2004 with only a couple of replacements here and there, and they’re finally reaching the point of no return. I’m trying to put together Book 2 and it’s hit me that some of my materials just aren’t going to make it through another round of abuse. (Still, I’m kind of impressed at how long I’ve been able to stretch some of this stuff. :O ) I need to find a way to replace at least some of the most worn out colors if I can, so I’ve decided to reinstate the extra page drive indefinitely; every time $25 is raised in donations or shop purchases, I’ll add another page on top of the regular weekly update, with up to 2 extra pages per week. There’s now a donation bar coded right into the sidebar that updates automatically on donations, and I’ll add stuff from the shop to the count manually. If you donate or buy from the shop, you’ll also be redirected to a shiny new wallpaper download featuring Eldora and Icy as a bonus.

Still working like a fiend on Book 2. Got half of Chapter Two pencilled and inked. Coming up with new covers. Making progress. This is going to be a fantastic portfolio piece when it’s done. :B

Other minor news bits:

New article: About the Messengers – A brief FAQ kind of thing about the Messengers. I plan on updating it more as the story goes along, but for now it is what it is.

Shop updates: I’ve updated the Shop to be more organized and to include some new stuff, like Brave Chio shirts and Icy charms! I’ve also recoded some things so that international shipping is now a built-in part of the store rather than a by-request thing. Trying to make things simpler. :v

That’s all I’ve got for now. Have an awesome week, guys! 🙂

March extras!

March extras! published on No Comments on March extras!

Poor Chio kids, seems like nothing ever goes their way. At least they have each other, right?

The February Page Drive ended last night, and I just want to send out my thanks to everyone who contributed. Together you gained one extra page in February, which is pretty great considering how small Messenger is. You all have my gratitude. ♥

That said, I have a new scheme for extra pages this month that anybody with a little time to spare can get in on! Instead of donations this month, I’m going to be counting transcriptions. I want to make Messenger more searchable and better indexed by Google, since it makes it easier for readers to find a particular page and it also helps new readers find the comic, but there are 172 pages of Messenger to date, and only one me. Most of Chapter One is complete, but there five other completed chapters with no transcriptions at all. So here’s my plan: For every chapter that gets a complete set of transcriptions, I’ll post an extra page. That means there’s an opportunity for six extra pages this month! That’s practically double the regular number of pages!

So, GROUP EFFORT TIME! 😀 The first thing you need to do if you want to help is register on the forum. Making an account and logging in will allow you to access the transcription editor on each page of the comic. (To read more about how this works, visit this forum thread!) The whole process is really, really simple, and you’ll really be helping me out by adding transcriptions.

Other new stuff for this week:

Updated the links list with a couple of new exchanges.
Cast page overhaul!The old one was cluttered and hard to follow, so a fix was in order.

There’s also a new vote incentive for this week! Voting will give you a quick tutorial on how I draw Eldora!

That’s pretty much all for now. 😀

Last Call for Extra Pages!

Last Call for Extra Pages! published on No Comments on Last Call for Extra Pages!

You better have a good excuse for this, Finny. 8(

It’s been a busy week for me setting things up at my new house, but I finally have a desk and a proper workspace for doing comics again, which is really exciting after drawing at random flat surfaces for the past month or so. I managed to cut my thumb pretty badly earlier in the week, which kind of sucked. I’m just glad it wasn’t my drawing hand. D:

This is the LAST FULL WEEK for the extra page drive! If you’ve been thinking about commissioning me or buying something from the shop, February 28 is the final day of the page drive! All purchases from the shop, book purchases from lulu, commissioned art, and donations (which will snag you a copy of the current donation wallpaper!) in before midnight EST on the 28th will count towards earning a new page. One bonus page has been earned so far, and there’s still hope for a second page before the week is out. No contribution is too small!

The Cast page has been updated to include better descriptions and information, as well as some side characters who are still critical to the story. Everything has also been condensed into one main page for easier reference.

I have changed the policy for comments here this week. From now on, comments on pages will automatically close after seven days. Further commentary can go on in the forum. Any comments or complaints about this change can be taken up on the forums.

As usual, there is a new vote incentive this week, featuring Finnegan! We haven’t seen much of the younger of the Chio duo yet in the story, so taking a suggestion from the forum, this week’s incentive features facts about Finnegan. (Yet another reason to join the forums if you haven’t already! I’m always interested to hear the kinds of things people want to see on the site.)

It takes two clicks to vote. I’d really appreciate it! Votes help spread the word and get the comic out there, as well as showing off reader support. ♥

That’s about all for this week’s update. Get your shop orders/donations/commission orders in for extra pages soon! Have a great Monday, and a fantastic week!

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