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Suddenly Monday

Suddenly Monday published on No Comments on Suddenly Monday

What’s this? A Monday update? It is! The Diary will update daily until it’s conclusion in about two weeks, when Part 2 and Chapter 11 will pick up the main storyline, and return to a Wednesday/Saturday update schedule.

New vote incentives will happen on Wednesdays as usual, starting this Wednesday. But don’t let that stop you from voting daily! You can vote once per day for as many comics as you like. Your vote helps spread the word about Messenger, and is very much appreciated! ♥

Messenger is also now listed on inkOutbreak, a new comics directory. You can create an account to see update notifications for your favorite comics. If you use inkOutbreak, please add Messenger to your favorites!

That’s all I’ve got for now! Check back daily for new parts of the “Diary” story! Follow Messenger via RSS, Twitter, or Facebook to receive updates!

RSS stuff

RSS stuff published on No Comments on RSS stuff

ON TODAY’S EPISODE OF BUG DID A THING— Just a general news update thing, pretty much for people who follow the comic via RSS—

I’ve made an update to the RSS feed, which means that it might stop working for you. (Hopefully it won’t!) If it does, delete it from your reader and re-subscribe and it should be ok.

If you follow via the feedburner feed, use this URI:

And if you subscribe via email, you may have to sign up again since I have no way to port existing email subscriptions to the new thingamabob:

Enter your email address:

Delivered by FeedBurner

There’s supposed to be an automated warning coming to feed readers in the next two weeks to remind you about the switch, but we’ll see if that actually happens or not. Meanwhile, I’m warning you. :B

Sorry for any confusion! D:

Comic Update, Extra Pages, Other Stuff!

Comic Update, Extra Pages, Other Stuff! published on No Comments on Comic Update, Extra Pages, Other Stuff!

Hey comic readers! Huge apologies for the continued delay on pages. I’ve been seriously busy with the new job thing. I’m not sure how much detail I want to get into, but I’m basically working the job I’ve always wanted, so that’s pretty awesome. But by the time I get home I am just dead exhausted, so it’s been interesting trying to find my footing with my comic-making schedule again. But like I said, I will find a way. I am set on finishing this story no matter how long it takes. I am considering dropping back to one update a week temporarily until I can get a buffer together, I just haven’t decided the best way to go about it yet.

Thanks to a kind reader donation, there will be two pages this week! The first is the one that’s up now and the second will be coming on Friday. As usual, the counter will roll over to zero and another bonus page will be available once it reaches $25 again. (Find out more about bonus comics by checking out the Shop!)

Thank you for your patience with my schedule slippage. I am going to put together a note in the sidebar so I (and you) can keep track of how many pages are still owed. It’s my plan to make them all up, I just have to get my life back in order, which might take a little time. Remember, you can follow Messenger via Twitter, RSS, Facebook, or Tumblr to have updates delivered straight to you when they happen! Don’t forget: activity in comments or on the forums are also extremely motivating for me! It excites me when people are interested in my story, so don’t be shy if you’ve been considering joining up with the forum or leaving a comment.

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