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And that’s the end.

And that’s the end. published on No Comments on And that’s the end.

And so Chapter Seven ends. And Eldora is still alive. For now? Tee hee. The whole debate has been fairly entertaining. Let’s do it again sometime. 😉

The fourth page of the “Gears” minicomic is now available when you vote for Messenger!
gears: vote incentive minicomic
As always, previous pages of this minicomic are archived on the forum. You need to be a registered member to view them!

What else is new this week? Not much. I’ve made a few relatively unimportant changes to the site, like making it a 3-column layout to eliminate the clutter in the sidebar. I’ve also started watermarking all the comic pages. Not because I think anyone is necessarily going to steal them, but it’s one of those things I sort of feel like I should have been doing from the beginning. At least they’ll be sort of dated now, and if anyone ever “borrows” one of them, it’ll at least have a link back to where it came from. Whatever. :V

I’ve been doing a mini ad-blitz lately to try and bring more readers to the site. Traffic is definitely up, so if you’re reading this and you’re new, welcome! I hope you’ll stick around. On the other hand, if you’re already a regular reader, maybe you’ll consider passing the comic along to some of your friends? Pointing in the general direction of the Promote page, hint hint. :B

Lastly, on a completely unrelated note, go download this and listen to it. It’s free and free music is good, right? I have been a huge Nine Inch Nails nerd since forever, so I’m finding How to Destroy Angels pretty interesting and I’ve been listening to it all weekend. On top of that, I’m a big fan of the way they’ve started releasing a lot of their new music for free with the option to buy a hard copy, so I’m interested in supporting that if possible. It’s a bit like the way webcomics are distributed, when you think about it – you can read the comic for free online, but occasionally there are books or other extra physical goodies available for a small amount. At any rate, I’d like to see more music available this way someday, so I’m all for that. Vote with your wallet. :V

That’s all for now, comic readers! Thanks for checking in and I’ll see you next Monday for the beginning of Chapter Eight!

Lending a Virtual Hand

Lending a Virtual Hand published on No Comments on Lending a Virtual Hand

So up next to the comic page you can see there’s a blue vote button for TopWebComics, which is a website that lists and ranks webcomics by vote. It’s a pretty cool idea, and actually brings in a few visitors to the comic now and again even though my rank isn’t so high. One of the people operating TWC sent out an email recently sharing the story of an independent writer who recently had a book published after being available for free online for several years, and asked to spread the word. I’m pasting some information and a link here to help pass this along even though I haven’t read the story or listened to the audiobook (yet) because I’m a huge fan of the way the internet helps people to make their creative work available to the masses. I did a lot of research on things like this (and wrote about it a lot, ugh) in college, so it’s always great to see social media in action. As someone who is doing somewhat the same, I feel it’s only fair to help someone out for all the times my site’s been linked or passed along to friends. The internet is cool like that.

Here’s some information from said e-mail, and some links to go along with it!

“The president of the United States is dead. He was murdered in the morning sunlight by a four-year-old boy…”

Welcome to J.C. Hutchins’ SF thriller 7th Son: Descent, a novel set in present day featuring human cloning, dangerous technologies, and “beyond Top Secret” government conspiracies. I’m letting everyone know about an exciting publication that started as an online podcast, and now is being sold in stores everywhere. And whats more amazing than a fellow internet creator bringing his works from the free digital format to the printed page, is that he’s still publishing everything for free online. If you want to check this out, listen to the book for free, read it for free, or even buy the book, check out his site over here: You could even join the ranks of his online army by participating in Warvember just like I am.


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