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Preemptive Happy Thanksgiving

Preemptive Happy Thanksgiving published on No Comments on Preemptive Happy Thanksgiving

Hey comic readers! There’s a new vote incentive up this week featuring Luke, as I’ve been trying to warm up for drawing him for the next chapter as Chapter Nine starts to approach its conclusion. That, and it seems like 99% of all the incentives feature Eldora, so it’s time for a change!

Please take a second to vote for Messenger! ♥

Voting helps to spread the word about the comic, and you can vote for as many comics as you’d like every day, just once per comic per day. If you’re feeling exceptionally generous, please consider checking out and voting for other Hive comics as well!

Since there won’t be another update before Thursday, here’s hoping all my American readers have an excellent Thanksgiving holiday, and that everyone else just has an Awesome Thursday! It’s hard to believe that it’s already this time of year again, and soon it’ll be winter and Christmas and New Year’s. Speaking of which, if you’re looking for awesome holiday cards, check out these Krampus postcards designed by my friend Misuka!

Check back on Friday for the next exciting installment of the comic!


Bookworm published on No Comments on Bookworm

This week’s update is full of books.

There’s a new vote incentive up this week featuring a preview of one of the full-color spreads going into the new book! I’m printing in color this time, and am I ever going to use it. Vote to see!

Speaking of which, I’m nearly done getting the prepress stuff done for said book. I keep getting delayed by things like, uh, regular comic updates, but aside from that it’s all falling nicely into place. Really crossing my fingers that I’ll be able to finish work and get it to the printer this week, and then any delays are all on them.

Additionally, I’ve submitted an exclusive page for inclusion in Webcomics: What’s Cooking? – a cookbook put together by various webcomic artists with the proceeds going to support food banks in North America. This is a great cause and with the support of so many great artists I’m sure the book will be fantastic!

Lastly, I changed some settings to take advantage of things like using Comicrank as part of the RSS feed, so all RSS stuff is now handled by Feedburner. While this should have been a seamless change (and so far it appears to be) it may not have made the jump correctly everywhere. If you use the RSS feed to get updates and have been missing updates for the past week or so, please set your reader to check instead of the old URL! Hopefully this will solve any problems that might be out there.

Thank you for tuning in, and check back Friday for the next installment!

Skeletons Riding Spiders

Skeletons Riding Spiders published on No Comments on Skeletons Riding Spiders

Page was a few hours late due to me spending all weekend working on new pages for the book (which is almost totally done now hooray!) and forgetting that I was out of buffer pages. Whoops. Hopefully no one even missed it. :v

There’s a new vote incentive up now as suggested by chatters in the Slightly Damned chat, where I hang out most of the time when I’m online. Apparently it’s Minecraft related, although I’ve yet to actually play Minecraft so I can’t vouch for that personally. (I did look up an image reference, though!) Enjoy the silly. :B

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Thanks for reading, and check back Friday for more!

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