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new vote incentive, livestream schedule

new vote incentive, livestream schedule published on 1 Comment on new vote incentive, livestream schedule

I am going to do a live video stream/Q&A session on Saturday, May 1 from 7-9 PM EST (-05:00 UTC). (Possibly longer if things are going well, or shorter if no one shows up!)

During this session, for the first hour I plan on working on some of the refreshed pages I’m doing for Chapter Two which will be part of the Chapter Two book I’m planning on releasing this summer, like the first book I did last year. During the second hour (and longer, if it goes that way) I’m going to take reader questions live in the chat and via Twitter. If you can’t make the live session, you can also ask questions now through comments here or on Formspring and I’ll answer them during the stream session! I am planning on recording the whole session so it can be watched later, so you’ll still get to see an answer to your question. 🙂

There’s a new forum thread available if you want to ask comic questions or have other questions/chat about the stream session. You might also want to try visiting Messenger’s channel in advance to see if it works on your computer. Chances are, if you can watch Youtube videos, you’ll be able to tune in for the stream session. Try it out!

**Edit! As an aside, you shouldn’t NEED a account to participate in the chat/stream session, but it might be a good thing as you’ll have a unique username. You can also participate by commenting @radio_chio on Twitter!

There’s also a new vote incentive up tonight! The third installment of Terrible Minicomic Theatre! You can catch up on the past two episodes by registering on the forums. There’s only one left to go!

Hope everyone’s having a great week, and I hope to see you on the first! 😀

Last Call for Extra Pages!

Last Call for Extra Pages! published on No Comments on Last Call for Extra Pages!

You better have a good excuse for this, Finny. 8(

It’s been a busy week for me setting things up at my new house, but I finally have a desk and a proper workspace for doing comics again, which is really exciting after drawing at random flat surfaces for the past month or so. I managed to cut my thumb pretty badly earlier in the week, which kind of sucked. I’m just glad it wasn’t my drawing hand. D:

This is the LAST FULL WEEK for the extra page drive! If you’ve been thinking about commissioning me or buying something from the shop, February 28 is the final day of the page drive! All purchases from the shop, book purchases from lulu, commissioned art, and donations (which will snag you a copy of the current donation wallpaper!) in before midnight EST on the 28th will count towards earning a new page. One bonus page has been earned so far, and there’s still hope for a second page before the week is out. No contribution is too small!

The Cast page has been updated to include better descriptions and information, as well as some side characters who are still critical to the story. Everything has also been condensed into one main page for easier reference.

I have changed the policy for comments here this week. From now on, comments on pages will automatically close after seven days. Further commentary can go on in the forum. Any comments or complaints about this change can be taken up on the forums.

As usual, there is a new vote incentive this week, featuring Finnegan! We haven’t seen much of the younger of the Chio duo yet in the story, so taking a suggestion from the forum, this week’s incentive features facts about Finnegan. (Yet another reason to join the forums if you haven’t already! I’m always interested to hear the kinds of things people want to see on the site.)

It takes two clicks to vote. I’d really appreciate it! Votes help spread the word and get the comic out there, as well as showing off reader support. ♥

That’s about all for this week’s update. Get your shop orders/donations/commission orders in for extra pages soon! Have a great Monday, and a fantastic week!

Valentines and other tines. Or something, anyway.

Valentines and other tines. Or something, anyway. published on No Comments on Valentines and other tines. Or something, anyway.

AHA. Mystery revealed! Some of it, anyway.

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine’s Day if you like that sort of thing, and a Very Pleasant February 14th if you don’t. Either way, there’s a brand-new vote incentive with Valentine’s art on TWC this week, so click to vote and check it out!

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

COME JOIN THE FORUMS! The handful of users there have been pestering me to try and get more people to join, and I’m not sure how else to do that other than point out that they exist. Seriously, there are a handful of awesome people there and it would be more awesome with more awesome people. You’re an awesome person, right? There’s a place for comic discussion, talk about other stuff, and someone even PM-ed me asking about the possibility of adding an RP section. (I’m personally not into that kind of thing, but I don’t see how it’s so bad so long as everyone behaves themselves and it doesn’t get out of hand.) At any rate, if you’re reading and commenting here, there’s a lot more to be had in the forums. It’s a good time, and you should come join us.

Remember, the extra page drive is still on! We’re right on the halfway mark for the next extra page! Commissions, donations, and everything in the shop counts! If you’re tired of the one-page-a-week crawling pace the comic goes at, this is your opportunity to help push things along faster! I have 95% of this whole chapter stacked up and waiting to go, all that needs to happen is hitting the next $50 mark.

In other related notes, I have a discount code for purchasing the Chapter One book from Lulu this month. If you use the code “WINTERBOOK” at checkout, you’ll get 10% off Chapter One: Wake Up in print! It includes 20 pages of extra comics that will never see the web, along with author Q & A, concept art, and other bonus content. It’s kind of like getting the DVD of your favorite tv show, except in print form. I’ll even count February book sales towards the extra page drive!

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