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Chiopedia! And update notes

Chiopedia! And update notes published on No Comments on Chiopedia! And update notes

One of our ongoing Patreon-funded projects has been filling out our comic worldbuilding wiki, Chiopedia! Until now, it has been pretty sparse, but our first two major articles are now filled out: the Chio Village, and propaganda. There are also other small articles to help fill the gaps for now.

To help keep this project moving, I’ve made a patrons-only post where you can vote on what the next big article should be, or make a suggestion of your own. Patrons at all pledge levels are welcome to participate!

In other notes: tomorrow’s Messenger page will be slightly late since I’m not quite finished with it yet. (But patrons can get a peek at that, too!)

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Friday Updates

Friday Updates published on No Comments on Friday Updates

Not much going on; spent most of this week wrestling with getting book 2 done. It’s nearly there! You can see updated previews and other stuff by visiting the forum. (You’ll need to register to view the thread, but it’s free and easy!)

These pages have been updated this week:

Additionally, you can also check out the new wiki for more in-depth information!

Thanks for reading, and check back Monday for the next comic page! (Did you know that you can have comic updates delivered straight to your email inbox?)

Redshirt Squad, Chiopedia, and other stuff

Redshirt Squad, Chiopedia, and other stuff published on No Comments on Redshirt Squad, Chiopedia, and other stuff

First thing’s first: I need to link you to Friday’s What it Takes, a comic by Kez (who also draws another comic). Why am I doing this? Because I’m on that page! What it Takes is a fun post-apocalyptic story following the adventures of Colbey, a badass martial artist. So when Kez mentioned that she was looking for redshirts to die in the comic, I had to volunteer. Here’s to (hopefully) dying a horrible death!

While I was putting up the new site layout this week, I also took a few minutes to reorganize some of the supplemental pages, and realized that they could get pretty out of hand pretty quickly. In the interest of preventative maintenance, I start putting together a wiki called Chiopedia to keep track of all this stuff. Right now it’s locked down while I get some of the initial articles hashed out, but I’ll probably open it up soon for community editing if you’re into that kind of thing. The structure of a wiki makes so much more sense for the kind of information that goes on the article pages, anyway. I think there might also be a method for linking wiki/wordpress pages together, so that’ll be one of my future projects.

Other than that, I’ve been chipping away at getting book 2 put together. I’ve been drawing up a bunch of spreads to drop in behind things like the table of contents and throughout the book, because I’m planning to print this one in color. (Here’s a preview for one of them!) Next on the list is doing up various illustrations for the supplemental stuff. Now that I have a buffer for the next few updates, I can focus on getting this book together AT LAST. D:

That’s all for now, comic readers! Check back Friday for more!

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