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Return from the mini-hiatus

Return from the mini-hiatus published on No Comments on Return from the mini-hiatus

Hey readers! My sincerest apologies for the delay in updates. I have recently picked up some full-time work (which I’d love to talk about, but I really can’t just yet) that has been taking up more of my day than I realized. I am really enjoying working again, and hopefully it will turn into a long-term thing. Until then, I’m re-adjusting to a new schedule and working my way back into my comics routine after my holiday break. Fear not: no matter what happens, I have absolutely no intention of giving up on the comic. The schedule may hiccup from time to time, but no matter what the comic will continue. If there is the likelihood of an extended break, I’ll try to post as far in advance as I can.

I’m planning to leave the 2010 Wallpaper Pack up for the remainder of February, or until I have the time to come up with a new donation wallpaper. It’s really a great deal for what you’re getting, and will help to keep the comic going. (And keep me alive until I see a paycheck!)

That’s all for now. Thanks for sticking with me! Follow @radio_chio on Twitter, or the RSS feed here to receive updates as they happen!

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