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Comic Creators for Freedom Fundraiser!

Comic Creators for Freedom Fundraiser! published on No Comments on Comic Creators for Freedom Fundraiser!

A tiny update– Sorry for the long silence, as usual I’ve been insanely busy.

Comic Creators for Freedom

I just wanted to write a little bit about a project I am participating in (again!) this year РComic Creators for Freedom. Messenger is a story about a dark and dangerous future, so when I have the opportunity to do so, I like to donate a little time and effort making artwork to help make our present a safer, better place. CCF is a group of webcomic artists who get together yearly to produce a collaborative wallpaper image which is then made available as a download to people who donate to the cause. And what is the cause? Funds raised go to Love 146, an organization working to end modern-day child sex slavery. Over 100 artists have participated in the project, and have raised over $22,000 in total!

In the past I’ve submitted artwork of Aki, but this year I’m planning to submit Eldora for inclusion on the wallpaper. This year’s theme is “Awkward School Photos,” so this should be pretty great.

The wallpaper will be made available in December of this year, so I hope you will look forward to it and help support this worthy cause!

Again, I apologize for the delay in Messenger updates; they are in the works. Follower will continue to update weekly as usual since I have an extensive buffer set aside, and I have also been posting some weekly autobiographical comics on DA / FA / Tumblr. As a small aside, Messenger has been going through its archives three times weekly on Tapastic. If you use it, please give Messenger a rating and add it to your list to show your support!

I have some other projects in store (part of what’s been eating up my free time) which I hope to be able to share with you soon.

Thanks for reading!

Messenger on Tapastic

Messenger on Tapastic published on No Comments on Messenger on Tapastic

Long time no comic. :X I’ve been working pretty steadily along on the Follower book lately, interrupted briefly by running a half marathon a couple of weeks ago and attending a Nine Inch Nails concert earlier this week, but that’s how it goes.

I’ve decided to try out posting the archives of Messenger on Tapastic, with updates three times a week starting from the beginning of the comic. Tapastic is sort of a comics aggregator thing, but they also have a handy mobile app thing for your smartdevice of choice. I’m hoping to pick up at least a few new readers there, but we’ll see what happens. If you do use the service, would you mind giving Messenger a few stars so others know about it? Thanks!

That’s all for now, catch you next Saturday! Now, time to pick up Pokemon X&Y!

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