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Under the Influence

Under the Influence published on No Comments on Under the Influence

First thing’s first, I need to deal with fanart. D: Although I am not terrible about getting my fanart put in its proper gallery, I am terrible about making mention of it! I have received a couple of things recently and totally neglected to mention them. I am the worst. D:

[singlepic id=296 w=220 h=140 float=] [singlepic id=298 w=220 h=140 float=]

The first is by Arby, who draws Grayling! She is an awesome artist and if you haven’t, you should check out her comic. The second is by Pomp, who draws Lunavis, which is also great. (It’s also technically a crossover featuring Thadius from Chu’s comic Slightly Damned! I’m just promoting everyone today aren’t I.) Thanks, guys!

Secondly, there’s a new vote incentive at TWC! And if you haven’t noticed, I scripted a fancy button in the right sidebar that shows you a preview of whatever the current incentive is and tells you what rank Messenger’s at presently. 😀 Your votes are always much appreciated. ♥

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend, although if you’re American or Canadian, I hope you had an especially nice Fourth of July or Canada Day, respectively. I spent my own Canada Day (although I’m American) attending an outdoor concert in my area by Our Lady Peace, one of my favorite bands.

I’ve loved their music since I was in high school, so it was pretty nostalgic for me, but it also got me thinking about the influence of music on the comic. A lot of the story is indirectly inspired by some of my favorite songs, and I listen to tons of music while I’m working on the comic, so upon a reader suggestion (thanks, Ita!) I’ve compiled a list of “related songs,” so now there’s a page for that.

I sort of feel like I ought to explain what I mean by “related,” though.
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an update

an update published on No Comments on an update

Just a quick regular update. The location here is significant. If you haven’t figured out where we are yet, well. I’m not going to tell you. Not yet, anyway.

I also recorded a video of the process involved with ‘shopping a page after I scan it. Basically, it’s a list of things you should never do that I do anyway because I just don’t care. All of the color modifications and cleanups and adding text and playing around with stuff. I thought it would be a good idea and then this page didn’t really work out so well for it but by that point I didn’t really care anyway since it was already recorded. Keep in mind that this is not a tutorial, just a video so you can see how I do things. 😛

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