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2010 Fan Contest Winners!

2010 Fan Contest Winners! published on No Comments on 2010 Fan Contest Winners!

After a long month of constant spam and reminders, the contest is over and the category winners have been decided! Thanks to Arby for helping me out with judging! Although there weren’t many entries, they were all skillfully and thoughtfully done and I really appreciate all the effort that went into each one! Thanks to everyone who contributed an entry!

As stated in the original rules, there is one winner from each category chosen by the judges. Additionally, a poll is now open to all readers to choose one “Reader’s Choice” winner from all the entries. You can vote for your favorite entry once per day. To view all of the entries, check this page! The polls will remain open until midnight EST on Saturday, September 11th. Get voting!

Visual Category Winner

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Multimedia Category Winner

“Passing through the wasteland” by Itakare


Congratulations, and thanks for the hard work you put into your entries! You each receive a free vector commission – comment or email me with your requests! You can also request a custom title for the forum to be displayed by your username.

But it’s not over just yet! There’s still one prize left, and it’s up to the readers to decide! Of all the entries, vote for your favorite! You can vote once a day through midnight on September 11th, when the polls will close. The winner will also receive a free digital commission. (You might want to pass around a link to the poll for your friends so they can help get your favorite to the top!)

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Even though the contest might be over, new fanart is always an awesome surprise! You can post it on the forum or on the Deviantart Group!

Contest Entry: Passing through the wasteland

Contest Entry: Passing through the wasteland published on No Comments on Contest Entry: Passing through the wasteland

“Hey, have a listen to this. It’s nothing too mind-blowing, but you’ll never guess where I found it.

See, I was poking around, looking for something to do, and I found this tucked out of sight, scratched into the wall. Yeah, carved. Must have taken ages to do, right? Well, hardly anyone ever looks there, so I dunno how old it is. Yeah, a real mystery.

I dunno about you but I hear a bit of sadness in it. It’s hollow, maybe. Whoever put it there must have been hurting about something, you can hear it. I can totally see it, a guy etching his feelings onto the wall where no one would notice, like some kind of release.

It’s weird though, it just finishes like that, no real ending. There’s was plenty of room left. Maybe something happened to the guy?

Huh. Oh well. Guess we’ll never know.”

Passing through the Wasteland by TheJanusProject

A multimedia entry by Itakare!

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