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New Ebook: How Eldora Met Icy

New Ebook: How Eldora Met Icy published on

Best Friends cover

I’ve been meaning to make some new books and things and finally got around to putting this short story into ebook form.

Best Friends is the story of how Eldora met her adorable adventure cat companion, Icy! First published in the print edition of Messenger: Chapter 2, this story is now available as a stand-alone, DRM-free PDF. This ebook is 19 pages and contains a full-color original comic. Being image-heavy, the file is approximately 4 MB. Tested on an iPad and Kindle Fire, it works best on devices with a color display. “Best Friends” is $3 minimum through Gumroad, although if you like Messenger and want to support it, you can pay what you feel the story is worth.

This is pretty much an experiment in selling comics as a digital download, so if you would like me to produce more short stories like this (or republish existing print-only stories) please show your support.


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