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Black Friday Comics Sale!

Black Friday Comics Sale! published on No Comments on Black Friday Comics Sale!

Hey! Whether you’re in the US celebrating Thanksgiving, or anywhere else celebrating an ordinary Thursday, we wanted to say thanks to our readers with a Black Friday offer in our digital comics shop on gumroad. Enter the code leftovers at checkout for 15% off everything in the shop, valid through Sunday 11/27/16!

We’ll also be offering a couple more coupon codes throughout the rest of this holiday season – sign up for our email newsletter to keep updated!

Little delays, little news, and a big new year

Little delays, little news, and a big new year published on No Comments on Little delays, little news, and a big new year

It’s been a hiccupy kind of year for Messenger.

I’ve thrown myself at trying new ideas, most of which were successful, but still very trying at times. It’s been an interesting and worthy experience creating Messenger alongside Follower; I find myself learning from both mediums as I work, and then applying new ideas to each comic. It’s kind of thrilling, as a creator. I love the feeling of learning and doing new things. The downside to this is, of course, balancing time. I’m having way too much fun working on Follower, and Messenger has definitely slipped as a result. My plans for this upcoming year include sticking to a better schedule, for sure.

As I mentioned previously, Delade and I are in the middle of moving to a new apartment. All’s going well, but definitely taking a lot longer than planned. Right now, my comic-making tools and other supplies are scattered in boxes, between two houses. We’re hoping to be done with all that this week, and then I can get back to work. So, the delay continues, but only just a bit longer. I’ll hunt down a public wifi spot if it comes to that.

We also were incredibly thankful for <a href=””>our Patreon supporters</a> these past few months. You’ve helped enable us to keep making comics, and even eat sometimes! That’s pretty awesome, and it’s so encouraging to keep doing what we do. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.

Thanks for your patience with our little unplanned delays, and we wish you all the best in 2015!

A little bit for would-be webcomickers

A little bit for would-be webcomickers published on 2 Comments on A little bit for would-be webcomickers

So I received an email from a reader and soon-to-be comic maker recently, which got me thinking about how I got into making comics and if I had any advice for would-be comickers, what would it be? It was interesting to think about while I put together a response, so I thought it might be useful to add some of that information here, too. I’m hardly an expert at anything involved here, but I find it interesting sometimes to read about how others work, and if someone can get some use out of what I have to say, all the better.

I originally got into comics because my friends were doing it (PEER PRESSURE!) and kind of got hooked on the process. I’ve gone through a zillion different changes in the way I do things over the past eight years (!) I’ve been making Messenger. There are a few areas that stand out as major “learning points” for me as I’ve gone along:
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