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Fanart Friday!

Fanart Friday! published on No Comments on Fanart Friday!

I received some nifty little doodles of Messenger-related stuff in the past couple of weeks, so here they are:

And this video by Gabe, which was inspired by some Brave Chios.

As always, you can view the whole fanart collection on the Fan Stuff page. If you have something you’d like to submit, drop me a line!

And thanks for reading!

Buzz Buzz Buzz

Buzz Buzz Buzz published on No Comments on Buzz Buzz Buzz

First order of business: a pile of fanart acquired over the past week or so! 😀

[singlepic id=311 w=100 float=] [singlepic id=310 w=100 float=] [singlepic id=309 w=100float=] [singlepic id=308 w=100 float=]

But not one of them is a contest entry! I’ve even extended the deadline by one full week, so if you’ve been thinking about entering now’s your chance! There are not many entries, so you still stand an awesome chance at winning one of the prizes!

There’s also a brand-new vote incentive this week, drawn by the one and only Chu of Slightly Damned! Be careful, though, you might just die of the cuteness!

Since some of my friends’ comics and Messenger share some audience members, I thought it would be a nifty idea to slap each of our TopWebComics voting links on one convenient page. Now, you can bookmark one single page and get all your votes in together, as well as automatically pass it on to your friends through Twitter, Facebook, and basically everything under the sun! Check it out! Go hive go!

Last, but not least, it’s time for the next round of Webcomic Book Club courtesy of the members of Palace in the Sky! Our “assignment” this week was to check out Cy-Boar, an action/superhero comic by Lou Graziani. It’s a fun story with interesting art, especially if you grew up being into things like the Ninja Turtles as a kid. You can check out our reviews and add your own commentary on the Palace in the Sky Blog! Next up is actually Messenger, which makes me both excited and nervous!

Contest Entry – Old-Fashioned Scorpionade

Contest Entry – Old-Fashioned Scorpionade published on No Comments on Contest Entry – Old-Fashioned Scorpionade

Okay, so technically not an entry since Chu has decided not to officially enter the contest, but she still drew this awesome picture to go along with the theme! There are still nine days left before the contest deadline, and not a lot of entries, so go read up on the rules and get your entry in today!

[singlepic id=307 w=400 h= float=]

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