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As Requested

As Requested published on 1 Comment on As Requested

Certain readers (*coughcoughTypohackcough*) have asked that I try to publicize the forums more and get more discussion going, so here I am, pointing out the fact that the forums are up and running and you should come join them, etc. 😀 I’ve taken down the chatbox, because while it was fun, I decided that it bogs down the site too much when it reloads every time you flip a page, and I kind of like having the story discussion attached to the pages themselves in the comments.

There used to be a small, but regular forum group a couple of years ago, but the problem was that my entire site got hacked and basically the entire thing was really broken for a really long time. There were some things I didn’t have backups for, which taught me my lesson about that. It took a long time to get everything put together the way it should be, and I’m still working on it in some places. The forum was one of the things that got eaten, and I was hesitant to put it back up after losing so much stuff. (I’m fairly certain the whole incident came from a security flaw in the forum software I was using at the time – I’ve since changed that and I’m extremely careful about the new one.) The whole thing made me learn my lesson about keeping better backups, and making sure anything I install on the site is secure and up to date. Unfortunately, the hard way.

The new forums are shiny and clean, and I’ve put a lot of effort into measures to keep the spambots out. (Another problem that plagued the old ones.) So I’d like to point out the fact that they’re there and usable, and encourage you to check them out if you’re a regular on the site!

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