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Upgrades! New Vote Incentive!

Upgrades! New Vote Incentive! published on

Surprise! I had a minor fit of webdesignitis recently and turned the whole site upside-down. I was looking to accomplish a few different goals by doing this, and I think I hit most of them. I was getting really tired of the same dark layout and tried to make something that better reflects the art in the comic itself, which is what it’s all about anyway. I built the new layout using Webcomic’s Archimedes skeleton theme, and it’s the first time I’ve really done a WordPress layout almost entirely from scratch this way. I’m really pleased with the result, and I hope you are, too.

If by chance you do find something that just isn’t working right, please don’t hesitate to let me know in a comment or in this forum thread. I was pretty thorough about bughunting, but there’s always something that slips by.

There’s also a new vote incentive up for now, just a drawing from the 100 themes meme I have not been keeping up with at all.

Please also consider voting for other Hive Comics!

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