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Finally. The semester is over, along with exams, so I’m officially on break! Classes were a lot rougher this time around than I expected, though I haven’t got my grades yet so I suppose we’ll see just how rough they actually were soon enough…

With all that out of the way, I finally got around to actually working on the comic again. I had a bunch of free time this week, so I got most of the rest of this chapter sketched out, and some of it partially inked. It’s enough of a head start that I’m hopeful about keeping it updated more regularly from here out.

Anyway, some news:

– The forums got clogged with spam (again) even after my upgrades to try and keep the spammers out. And then the version of phpbb I was running got to be waaay out of date, and potentially insecure. After the recent hack-tastic disaster I had, I didn’t want to take any chances, so I basically just obliterated the whole thing and started new. Again. While I’m annoyed at having to delete the accounts of actual users, along with actual posts, since the database couldn’t be imported into the new phpbb, having a secure forum is a plus, as are the changes it brings. Go check it out!

– [messenger] will be moving servers before the summer is out. I’m running out of space, and just becoming generally frustrated with things as they are. This really shouldn’t be news, but I think it’s a good idea to mention it early on so people don’t assume I either died or gave up when some disaster inevitably hits when I do start transferring things. Hopefully I can afford to move. Anyway.

– LJ: I’ve opened up the restrictions on Ye Olde [messenger] LJ Community so that everyone can join, post, and comment as they please. I started it up just for news posts originally, but since I’m making my news posts here now, there’s no point in keeping it locked up. Seriously, go join.

And that’s about it for now. I’m slowly adding more to the site that never made it through the original rebuild after the hack, so that will be upcoming in the next few days as well. Enjoy!

a small orange cat says hello. or purr, actually.

a small orange cat says hello. or purr, actually. published on No Comments on a small orange cat says hello. or purr, actually.

Very minor notes here from myself and my cat. Now that classes and exams are over I’ve started in on a couple of new pages; so far pencils are done, inks on some, colors on one. I’d like to get enough of a head start so that I don’t fall behind again before I go wild and start updating again. Regardless, this will be soon! Work and life are keeping me busy, but not that busy.

This is really odd, but I got an email from my webhost earlier this evening saying my account’s been cancelled. I definitely didn’t ask for it to be cancelled, and I can’t think of a reason why they’d kick me out, but I think I’ll take this as reason enough to finally take the initiative and move on to bigger and better things. So, as a well-in-advance warning, things may shake up a bit here in the next couple of months, but nothing permanent.

In short:

I’m not dead, I’m still working, and I’m not going anywhere (even if it looks like I am, am not, and have.)

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