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what on earth

what on earth published on No Comments on what on earth

It’s been an awfully stressful week, but despite all that, it’s an update!

So now we know what Eldora and Icy found in the room, and we sort of know where it came from. Curious.

Totally up for some discussion over in the forums, hint hint… 😀 On that note, I’m having another go at Buzzcomix if you’d like to take a second to vote and help me out. That would be terrific.

a quick poll for some info

a quick poll for some info published on No Comments on a quick poll for some info

First off, welcome new visitors who may be coming from here and there around the internets! I just put up a little advertising, and I hope it works. 😀

Secondly, an idea:

I’ve been playing around with making a [messenger] widget for the Dashboard in OSX. I currently have a friend beta-testing it for me, but I’m curious to know if anyone would be interested in it if I made it a download on the site. Do any of you use a Mac? Comment and let me know.


maintenance! published on No Comments on maintenance!

Taking a few minutes to do a couple of software upgrades, so the site will look kind of funky for the next 20 minutes or so! Back in a few!

Update: Looks like this is going to take just a bit longer than I expected it to, just hang in there and try to ignore the green?

One half of this upgrade is done, and it’s already taken twice as long as I expected it to. It’s all downhill from here though, and at least everything looks normal again, so there.

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