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On a Roll

On a Roll published on No Comments on On a Roll

Hey comic readers! It’s a pretty good week for Messenger. Here’s what’s new:

Book 2 is now available from Indyplanet! This issue is completely Chio-centric, featuring all of Chapter Two plus two print-exclusive minicomics telling the story of Eldora and Icy, as well as the creation story the Chios tell their children. There’s also a bonus article on the origin, physiology, and culture of the Chios. I haven’t received my copy in the mail yet, but the proofs looked fantastic so I’m sure it’ll look great. Here is a link to it on Indyplanet, although the cover image seems to be broken at the moment. So, here’s what the cover will look like!

It’s 94 pages and printed in full color. Like always, there’s extra information and clues to the overall story of the comic in the book that won’t be told in the main story for some time to come – so it’s a bonus if you do pick up the book, but you aren’t really losing out if you don’t.

I’ve managed to put together a comic buffer for the next month, so there will be two new pages every week well into 2011! Chapter Ten begins soon, which is the last chapter of Part 1. I’m planning to tie up a few of the loose ends in the story so far, so I’m pretty excited. I have a bunch of it sketched out so far, and it’s killing me not to talk about it. :B

Last of all, I’ve also somehow found the time to assemble vote incentive images for the next month. That means there will be a new incentive every Monday until 2011! There’s a brand-new one up right now, and if you’ve got a spare second or two, you should also Vote for Hive!

That’s all for now! Check back Friday for the last page of Chapter Nine!

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