Messenger is the story of a band of survivors making their way in a post-apocalyptic future. Akiara Kenakobe escapes her tribal home on the wasteland following the death of her best friend, Luke. With only her sword for company, she soon begins to make new friends: a Messenger on his way to the afterlife, two fuzzy Chios named Eldora and Finnegan, and someone completely unexpected. Her absence wasn’t missed at home, of course, and the crew soon finds themselves at the head of a pursuit through the ruins of the Northeast United States.

Yawn and stretch

Yawn and stretch published on No Comments on Yawn and stretch

It’s…been a while! Hi! Messenger’s been in a bit of a cryogenically frozen state for quite some time now, mostly due to real life circumstances getting in the way of making two comics at once. Of the two, Follower is easier to get done in an “anywhere, anytime” kind of mode, but Messenger is not… Continue reading Yawn and stretch