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Yawn and stretch

Yawn and stretch published on No Comments on Yawn and stretch

It’s…been a while! Hi!

Messenger’s been in a bit of a cryogenically frozen state for quite some time now, mostly due to real life circumstances getting in the way of making two comics at once. Of the two, Follower is easier to get done in an “anywhere, anytime” kind of mode, but Messenger is not so simple.

That said: it’s on my agenda to get some new pages up within the next few months and get this going again. Like they have for everyone, 2020-2021 have been extremely unkind to us over here at Radio Chio, and we’ve sort of in a temporary living situation until some of the aforementioned real life circumstances work themselves out. That said: we’re lucky to have people in our lives who care about us and haven’t let us become homeless. I’ve finally gotten to a place where I can start to sort through what needs doing for Messenger, as well as make a little workspace I can use to get back on track.

New pages-in-progress will, of course, first go up for Patreon (and Chio Club) folks. What’s the Chio Club? It’s basically everything that goes on Patreon, but Ko-Fi and Gumroad flavored, for folks who’d prefer to use other platforms. Everyone who joins gets access to a special section of our Discord, as well as early looks at new pages and other behind the scenes material. Joining one of these would really help us at this time, as well as help make our goal of making $100/month in subscriptions. That would allow Bug some additional time spent away from other projects and the ability to overhaul the comic sites and touch up some of the pages along the way for eventual print. This will also extend to Messenger, although the focus is on Follower for now. You can find out more about this plan on the Follower blog!

In short, your support will make a huge difference in getting Messenger back to regular updates after a long, long break. Becoming a Chio Club member will get you early looks at what’s to come, and will help us survive what’s been an awful two years in a lot of different ways. Either way, updates are coming in the next few months, one way or another.

Thanks for reading this comic for so so long, and for supporting our work! I haven’t forgotten Messenger, and I’m doing everything I can to get back to it!

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