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CCF Drive Week 2, Minor Comic Break

CCF Drive Week 2, Minor Comic Break published on

4th Annual Comic Creators For Freedom Fundraising Drive

It’s week 2 of the CCF Fundraising Drive, and we’ve raised nearly half of our goal of $5000! Now is a great time to contribute, plus you get a super sweet wallpaper with art from 167 different comic artists. All proceeds go directly to Love 146 to help stop modern-day slavery, so please consider donating today!

In other notes, due to a number of things happening in real life, I am taking a few weeks off from both Messenger and Follower. I’d like to put an exact date on when I plan to start updates again, but unfortunately I don’t enough specifics to make that goal. 2013 has been a really rough year for me personally and I just need a break for a little bit while life settles down. I’d like to be back by the end of December/start of January, but we’ll see how it goes. You can follow me on Twitter @radio_chio for news and updates.

And one last thing, a piece of fanart from Neomania. Thanks, Neo!

by Neomania
by Neomania

Thanks again for all your support, and I’ll be back soon!

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