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Chiopedia! And update notes

Chiopedia! And update notes published on No Comments on Chiopedia! And update notes

One of our ongoing Patreon-funded projects has been filling out our comic worldbuilding wiki, Chiopedia! Until now, it has been pretty sparse, but our first two major articles are now filled out: the Chio Village, and propaganda. There are also other small articles to help fill the gaps for now.

To help keep this project moving, I’ve made a patrons-only post where you can vote on what the next big article should be, or make a suggestion of your own. Patrons at all pledge levels are welcome to participate!

In other notes: tomorrow’s Messenger page will be slightly late since I’m not quite finished with it yet. (But patrons can get a peek at that, too!)

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading!

Nearly old enough to drive.

Nearly old enough to drive. published on No Comments on Nearly old enough to drive.

So while I was working on new Messenger pages during July, I realized that the comic will turn 15 years old on the 24th of this month. If it were a human teenager, it would be like a year away from getting its driver’s license. Thankfully, it’s just a comic, so we’re all safe. (How would Chios drive, anyway?)

With that said, if anyone out there wants to make any kind of art or other creative stuff for the occasion, I’ll gladly share it here on the site! Drop a link to it in the comments, or send it along to bug [at]!

Don’t forget, Messenger starts updating again this Saturday!

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