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Book 2: Now with more Pikachu

Book 2: Now with more Pikachu published on No Comments on Book 2: Now with more Pikachu

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper update post, so here are the most recent comic-related news bits I’ve got!

I’ve slowly been working through the articles on Chiopedia to include stuff from the most recent chapters. If there’s anything in particular you’d like to see added, let me know!

A few characters from Messenger are also making some special appearances to try and do some good in the world! As mentioned previously, Eldora and Finnegan are making an appearance in a charity cookbook (due for release in February 2011), and Aki is also making an appearance in a special downloadable wallpaper produced by the Comic Creators’ Alliance to help stop human trafficking! This wallpaper will be available by donating the amount of your choice through the CCA website starting on January 11 (coincidentally, my birthday!) through the 24th. Find out more by visiting the Comic Creators’ Alliance!

What has Pikachu found? Looks like the print edition of book 2 has arrived! Click on through to see some pictures of the gorgeous full-color print and find out more.

Book 2 is now available from Indyplanet! It’s 94 pages and full-color, with two bonus print-only comics! I just received my copy, so here are a few pictures to show you what it looks like. The print quality is as fantastic as ever, and the color looks absolutely gorgeous. Ka-Blam did an awesome job, as usual. Though there was a bit of a delay in getting here, it was worth the wait.

Side by side with book 1. The colors are pretty bright, but I blame my camera for making them look practically glowing here. The printing is impeccable.

Book 2 is all of 4 pages shorter than book 1. Other than that, the dimensions are the same, so they look quite nice stacked up together.

I’m really glad I opted to do this book in full-color, as the pages I redid for chapter two look amazing in print. It was totally worth the time and extra effort.

The bonus comics (what I had to spend so much time reworking for color print) came out just as nicely as I’d hoped. There are two minicomics, along with other bonus material in this book.

The art section is expanded from what was included in the first book, and now includes several full-page spreads. Looks pretty good.

Book 2 (and book 1!) are now available from IndyPlanet. Check out The Shop for more information!

That’s all for now. Thanks for reading, and check back Monday for the next page!

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