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a crazy idea, and other notes

a crazy idea, and other notes published on 5 Comments on a crazy idea, and other notes

I seem to have a very, very silent audience.

I know there are people out there reading the comic by the referrals and other statistical data the site collects – but I hardly ever receive any comments. What’s with that, guys? I don’t bite, I swear! I love feedback, so don’t be afraid to jump in. :3

I’ve been working on a handful of silly little projects, and ran across a folder full of files related to one especially silly project I started work on a couple of years ago and abandoned shortly thereafter: a print version of the comic’s first chapter. I dropped it back then because honestly, I didn’t have enough readers and I didn’t have a means to make it actually happen. Even still, I don’t really have enough readers to do a “real” book, but with sites like that are constantly improving, it’s not really such an out-there idea.

I’m currently working on another non-comic illustration project which will hopefully result in a finished book, and we’re kind of scoping out options for publishing right now. Doing a print version of [messenger] would be a really awesome way to test out a site like lulu, and if there’s enough interest I can make a version available for sale.

Skimming through what I’ve got, it would amount to about a 40+ page book in black and white. It would include the entire first chapter of the comic (a revised version) along with extra bonus material that won’t be appearing online. I am guessing (but I don’t know for sure yet) that it would cost around $10, not including shipping.

Would anybody be interested in a copy? I am probably going to get one done up for myself to toss on my coffee table (now that I have a coffee table) for print research purposes and the ever-present fun factor. Reader response will just determine whether or not I make it available for purchase. And if there’s enough interest with this edition, I can always format the newer chapters for print later on as well.

My original outline for [messenger] has the story broken down into three “acts” or “parts,” and I had always kind of hoped to be able to do a big full-color print volume by at least the start of the second part. (With revised art and story, of course.) This would just put a tiny jump-start on that plan.

In other notes, I’ve been meaning to work at the Q & A section some, since it seems a little lacking and it’s related to one of my other side projects, and with the recent server issues I’ve had I lost a few questions that were buried in the page comments. I had been meaning to add them to the page but foolishly forgot to save them anywhere. So, here’s your chance to ask me anything about the comic. Anything at all about anything you want: characters, technical questions, plot questions – anything you can think of. The more, the better. :B

Aside from that, I spent most of today working at inking the rest of the pages for this chapter, which I managed to complete. It has been a very lazy weekend, and now, a very lazy Monday. I have plans to color tomorrow, so new pages should be up soon.

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