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Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone!

Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone! published on No Comments on Patreon First Milestone Reward – for everyone!

The Messenger & Follower Patreon is doing stupendously well so far! In a little over a month, we’ve managed to break through three milestone goals, which will enable me to do more with the comics! As a reward for accomplishing the first goal, I’ve created a brand new Chio-themed wallpaper that’s available for everyone, not just patrons! Thanks so much to everyone who’s supported us, whether it’s by supporting our Patreon, sharing a link to our comics with friends, or simply reading the comic each week. It really means a lot. Please feel free to download this wallpaper, and enjoy some desktop Chios!

If you want to help support Messenger and Follower, but are unable to back our Patreon campaign, that’s ok! There are still some other ways you can help support the comics for free:

  • Click the little “Follow” button on the top of our Patreon page to follow our updates. Apparently this also helps our rankings on Patreon and boosts our posts and updates a little higher in the list, so people are more likely to see them!
  • Retweet our comic updates and links on Twitter! (Or reblog our updates on Tumblr!)
  • Read Follower using Comic Chameleon, a free iOS app!
  • Or just share the comic with your friends!

As always, we appreciate your continued readership, and look forward to creating more new stuff for you to enjoy. Thank you!

New donation wallpaper!

New donation wallpaper! published on No Comments on New donation wallpaper!


A new donator-exclusive wallpaper featuring Eldora is now available! If you would like to help out the comic, donate any amount via Paypal and you’ll be redirected automatically to a downloads page to grab your wallpaper, which is available in two common screen resolutions – 1920×1200 and 1280×1024. (If it truly does not work for you at either of those sizes, let me know and I can create a resized version.)

Spring 2013 wallpaper

Donations help to keep the comic going by paying for webhosting, supplies like ink and paint, and other materials, and helping to promote the comic through advertising and convention entry fees.


Thank you for your continued readership and support, I truly appreciate it!

Summer 2012 Wallpaper (and some other notes)

Summer 2012 Wallpaper (and some other notes) published on No Comments on Summer 2012 Wallpaper (and some other notes)

There’s a new wallpaper available for download when you donate any amount to the comic! This one features Eldora against a textured background. It’s kind of minimalist, except not. Just the way I like it. It’s available in most common sizes, including something I’ve never done before – iPhone/smartphone sized wallpaper, even optimized for Retina displays!

When you use the donation button in the sidebar, you’ll automatically be redirected to a downloads page after your payment is processed. The server hosting bill is coming up next month, so if you enjoy reading the comic, please consider supporting it with a donation!

Also, I heard from a reader that there were issues viewing the new site using Opera 10. I tested it out, and sure enough, it doesn’t look right. I’m not sure why the new site and old site don’t work the same way, since their code is almost identical, but I’m looking into it. In the meantime, Opera users will automatically load the older version of the site layout. Sorry! Again, please let me know via email/comments/forum posts if you’re having any issues with the site’s function – I don’t mind hearing them, and will do what I can to make your reading experience better!

Thanks for reading!

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