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updates, sketches, and thanks

updates, sketches, and thanks published on No Comments on updates, sketches, and thanks

In an effort to keep the trend of comic updates going, a new page! Hooray!

I have been spending a bit of my free time lately sketching pages for further on into this chapter to ensure a steady buffer and keep the updates coming. There is a lot more here to plan for than I remembered in this part of the story, but that’s what makes it fun.

I am having fun being more quick and loose with the art this time around. It feels really nice to work this way, though I’m not sure it would suit the whole story. You also may (or may not) have noticed a font change; this is a custom font that I made from my handwriting, called “Bughand”. It’s a little bit neater and more readable, and I like the feel it gives the comic without using one of those generic comic-text fonts. Eventually I plan on changing all the old pages to match, but that’s down the road.

As a last note, I wanted to express my thanks for all the kind words I’ve gotten from commenters of late, whether it’s congratulations on the wedding or just mentioning that they’re enjoying the comic, thank you! I know I may not be great at getting back to everyone individually, but I do read all that stuff. 😀

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