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11/23 Weekly Update

11/23 Weekly Update published on No Comments on 11/23 Weekly Update

Not much going on this week. I’ve been putting in a lot of comic work in my free time lately, so I’ve been taking a break for the past few days. I’ve been watching a lot of Futurama, which is a fantastic show. I love the robots. :B

There are new previews up in the members-only section of the forum for next week’s page.

The new incentive isn’t up because I’m just not ready. It’ll be up soon. I’ll twitter about it when it’s ready. In unrelated and pointless news, I drew some little link icons for the top of the right-side column so you can quickly link to stuff like Messenger at twitter and facebook. How useful!

Here’s hoping that everyone (who is an American) has a delicious Thanksgiving this week! I know I’m looking forward to it. :9

Weekly Update – 10/26

Weekly Update – 10/26 published on No Comments on Weekly Update – 10/26

Really, Nekos? Looks like Nekos sort of became the leader of his own little revolution. Oops.

I would like to take a second to thank Philip of and for both pointing out (and subsequently helping me fix) several glaring errors I’ve been making using ComicPress. I never even realized I was doing it wrong in the first place since it looked like it was working! But now everything runs so much slicker. It is fantastic. Thank you!

I thought it might be worthwhile to mention that I have one extra copy of the new chapter one book floating around that I would like to get rid of, if anyone is interested in having their very own copy. I can sell it to you for $12 (+$3 shipping anywhere in the US/Canada) and I will even sign it and sketch the character of your choice in it before I mail it off. It’s a bit cheaper than buying it from lulu, so if you’re interested, drop me an email at bug [at]!

In other news this week, I have a couple of links to put up:

Messenger at TVTropes: This is a really neat site that’s just fun to dig through, so I shamelessly stole the idea from Chu and added Messenger to it. Anyone is welcome to change and add to it.

I’ve been doing a lot of outlining and scripting for upcoming storylines in the comic, and so I’ve been spending a lot of time using Tiddlywiki, which is basically a little wiki notebook thing you can run on your local machine. It’s great for keeping track of all kinds of things going on at once, and it’s free, which is awesome. I used to use this to take notes in in college, since it was easy to cross-reference ideas from entry to entry. It is super handy for comic-writing, anyway.

I’ve added a couple of link exchanges to my links page, hooray! It also occurred to me that I made a tumblr account for art/comic related stuff quite some time ago and never bothered using it. There is also a plurk page now, too, which kind of seems like a twitter ripoff, so I’m not sure how long that will last. I did a whole research thing on social networking in college, but I never much had a reason to play around with it. The comic is now my excuse. I just find it interesting. 😀

That’s all I’ve got for now!


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I recently had the opportunity to sit down and do an interview about the comic with a group called the Xcentrikz. They do a lot of pretty cool things to help promote webcomics. You can check it out here!

My proof copy of the book should be here any day now. I hate waiting for things to come in the mail.

I’m thinking about doing a second comic update this week. Maybe tomorrow?

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