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Monday Update

Monday Update published on No Comments on Monday Update

Not much for news this week. I accidentally broke (and fixed) the site, and I’m working on a redesign which I hope to install on the site this upcoming weekend. You can see a preview on the forum. Although I’m well into revisions on it, any feedback is appreciated.

The Halloween wallpaper is still available by voting this week, though I will probably change the incentive sometime soon, so if you haven’t downloaded it yet you still have a chance to!

That’s basically it for now. New page Friday!

Chapter Nine begins!

Chapter Nine begins! published on No Comments on Chapter Nine begins!

Chapter Nine begins! If you haven’t figured it out, this chapter follows Zavier Kenakobe, since he’s been put in charge of the search for Akiara. I wasn’t sure where to put this chapter originally, but it seems to fit pretty well right here, and it’ll hopefully start to tie together some of the earlier chapters. That’s my goal, anyway. After this, there’s only Chapter 10 and then on to Part 2 and the next third of the story!

There’s a new vote incentive this week featuring some doodles from my sketchbook explaining Kenakobe armor. It’s not terribly complex stuff, but you work with what you’ve got when you’re out there trying to survive!

(Remember to Vote for Hive! Hive Votes now has a fancy Twitter widget so you can check up on what the latest updates are!)

On the forum, there’s a new thread for Chapter Nine stuff I might post while working. Right now there’s a preview for page 2. You need a forum account to view it, but it’s free and easy to join!

I think I’m going to continue the twice a week updates for now because I like the pace the comic is moving at, and it’s really not that much more challenging to do two updates a week. If I had tried this a few years back it never would have worked, but I’ve hit a point where it comes pretty easily now. I might reinstate the donations/shop option for extra pages on top of the regular two, but we’ll see how it goes.

Check back Friday for the next page! (Or check the forum and be spoiled.)

Updates, Video Streams, etc.

Updates, Video Streams, etc. published on No Comments on Updates, Video Streams, etc.

Woo, hooray for having pages done somewhat ahead of time! That means I can write my posts up a day in advance and spend the rest of the day lazing around!

Over the past few days I’ve been doing a live stream of work on pages for one of the minicomics I’m making for book 2. This is easier than streaming work on regular comic pages, because I’m doing it entirely digitally! I’ve usually been doing about one stream a day with at least one complete page, sometimes more, so if you tune in to watch you can see some of the print-exclusive stuff! You’ll have to pick up a copy of the book to see the whole thing, but I thought it could be fun to let you guys in on things as they happen. You can view streams live at Radio Chio on Ustream, and you can follow @Radio_Chio for updates on when they’re happening! They’re generally pretty spontaneous as far as schedule goes, but I’ve been doing them in the afternoons and late nights EST. Hopefully I’ll see you there!

I’m also planning on posting previews and other bits from the book as I work on it, and have already started a thread here on the forum. The one caveat is that you have to be a registered member to view it! Registering is quick and easy, and will allow you to view other extra content as well!

The book is falling together pretty nicely, although it’s taking me longer to complete than I had originally planned. At this rate, I’ll probably finish sometime around mid-July and submit it for print shortly after. I’m not sure how long it will take for the printers to do their thing, so I’d guess mid to late August. I’ve submitted the reformat of book 1 to the printer as well, and haven’t heard back yet, so I guess we’ll see how it goes. I’ve also added a poll to the right-hand sidebar looking for input on preorders! Once book 2 is closer to completion, I am considering doing a preorder deal where you order a copy in advance from me, and I’ll sign it and draw something for you, as well as include some extra goodies. :3 But first, I need to gauge the interest level, so if you could spare me two seconds with your opinion, I’d really appreciate it!

As a rough estimate, I’d guess that the preorder bundle would be about $20 including shipping in the US, possibly a tiny bit more or less. (And a bit more for international shipping.) I plan to include both books with custom sketches in the front, two stickers, and possibly a bookmark or something similar. This could change at any time, but this is what the numbers are telling me at the moment. :v

That’s about all for now. The vote incentive updates on Tuesday with the final page of Gears, so stay tuned!

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