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you stormed off to scar the armada

you stormed off to scar the armada published on 1 Comment on you stormed off to scar the armada

Aaaand…we’re back! Mostly. Some pages are still being rebuilt, and some things are still being put back together, but for the most part life is good.

I’m trying to get myself back in the groove of drawing regularly, more specifically drawing comics regularly. I’ve had a zillion major life changes going on lately along with a crazy workload this semester, but I think I can pull this off if I try. While I was putting the site back together and uploading all the pages again (one at a time…aaaaaa….) I looked at the amount of pages I put out in 2005 and 2006, and then compared it to 2007…yeah. I need to get back to working like that. And I will, over time. But for the meantime, I am back. I have pages in store for the coming weeks, along with other very cool things.

One neat project I am working on right now (RIGHT THIS VERY SECOND!) is making a video about how I make the pages. Kind of a time-lapse thing. I wanted to have it ready to upload along with this page, but iMovie is being finicky and I’d rather get the page out so I can get myself on track, so that’s just going to have to wait for now. But it’s looking pretty neato so far, so yay. 😀

So this is my first official update of 2008. Let’s hope the others come just as easily…

she-she-she shine on

she-she-she shine on published on No Comments on she-she-she shine on

All of the pages in the comic to date are now posted and working for your reading enjoyment, so have at it! The forums are also freshly de-spammed and waiting for new posters. Most of the other pages of the site are empty as I’m still filling them back in, although the Fanstuff page has just been finished and it’s pretty neat, so you should check it out.

Meanwhile, I sleep!

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