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About the Author

Hi, I’m Bug, and I draw and write Messenger! You might see me around the internet under any of the following handles: Bug, Bugbyte, Meg, or Radiochio. You can read more comics I’ve made at!

I am a 30-year old artist/web designer/web developer with a BA in Visual Studies/Communication Design. I’ve done a lot of cool jobs for companies like Disney, Nickelodeon, Target, and other things you’ve probably heard of (or not). I just like making things in general, so all of the different steps involved with making a webcomic and keeping it going are loads of fun for me. When I’m not doing comics or art, I like video games (especially Pokemon and Fallout), cooking, and I recently started running marathons. (I have two medals!)

In general, life is pretty awesome.

You can get in contact with me by email at or on Twitter @radio_chio.

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