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Assorted Things:

Assorted Things: published on No Comments on Assorted Things:

If you didn’t catch the note up top, this is a three-page update! Click here to go to the first of the new pages so you don’t miss anything!

First off, I’d like to say welcome to the new readers! I know there are a few, since I’ve heard from some of you and traffic in general has been up. I’ve been advertising like crazy lately thanks to Project Wonderful and cheap cheap ads. ♥

In other bits, I’ve been making various tweaks to the site. I’ve updated the RSS feed to actually include images. All along I thought that WordPress was so great because it does all this stuff automatically, but apparently it doesn’t include images. I installed a new plugin, and now it appears to be working correctly, but if you’re an RSS-er and it doesn’t, let me know! It should be all set for now.

I’ve been doing a lot of writing for upcoming chapters of the comic lately, which has been a lot of fun. I have a notebook where I keep track of everything that’s going on so I don’t get confused (yay continuity) and sometimes you have to work backwards, and go back to things that have already happened. In between all this, I decided to draw up a map of locations where events in the comic have taken place so far. There’s a lot of running away and moving around, so it seemed like it would help put things in more order. You can find that page here. As the comic goes on, I plan to add to it and keep it up to date with the story.

For the rest of October, Lulu is running a discount code good for 10% off the [messenger] book. You just have to type in “FALLBOOK” at the checkout screen. Not too bad.

I’ve been debating doing another live video stream/chat session, would anyone be interested? Here are the days and times I’m thinking about:

And, as usual, please vote if you get the chance! Thanks!

Columbus Day Sale

Columbus Day Sale published on No Comments on Columbus Day Sale

There are a couple of discount codes available for this weekend, which will save you 14.92%. If you were thinking about picking up a copy of the book, this might save you some money.

Here’s the coupon code information copied directly from lulu:

Disclaimer: Enter coupon code ‘PINTA’ at checkout and save 14.92% off any purchase – maximum discount $25 per account. Enter coupon code ‘SANTAMARIA’ and save 25% off on any order of $350 or more – maximum discount of $500 per account. Discount cannot be used to pay for, nor shall be applied to, applicable taxes or shipping and handling charges. Promotional codes cannot be applied to any previous order. Maximum discountof $500 per account. No exchanges or substitutions allowed. Only one valid coupon code may be used per account. Offer expires on 10/12/09 at 11:59 PM GMT. reserves the right to change or revoke this offer at any time. Void where prohibited.

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