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Schedule update! Guest art opportunity!

Schedule update! Guest art opportunity! published on No Comments on Schedule update! Guest art opportunity!

Hi there! Due to some unexpected real-life goings-on, Follower & Messenger have gotten a little off track! I sat down with my planning notes and a list of everything I need to finish for various upcoming deadlines and made a plan.

The short of it is, Messenger will resume regular updates on August 6, 2016.

The long version is, I have a host of deadlines for small (but exciting!) anthology projects coming up quickly, and I want to knock those out of the way so I can focus on regular comics again. Patreon reward art is a priority of course, and Patreon backers will also continue to get in-progress comic updates as I work through all this stuff.

In the meantime, if you’d like to contribute any kind of fan art or fiction in this unplanned break, I’d love to show it off here on the site. Link me to wherever you’ve posted it, or send me a note at: bug at messenger-comic dot com.

Thank you very much for your patience while I sort through all this stuff, and we’ll be back and better than ever in just a couple of weeks!

Guest Art?

Guest Art? published on

First off, happy 2014, everyone! This is the year that Messenger turns 10 and that’s pretty weird to me.

I wanted to make a post as a follow-up to my last news bit about taking a short break from comics for a few weeks. There’s been a lot going on in my life recently, like a death in the family, a new job, ten million winter holidays, and then getting sick. I’ve not been feeling well on and off since November, and finally went to a doctor last week and found out I have pneumonia. Oops. I’ve been dealing with that and am starting to feel much better, but just incredibly drained all the time. I had been planning to start posting both Messenger and Follower again this week, but the most I’ve been able to accomplish is sleeping and looking at my DS occasionally and doing other exciting sick activities. It’s really, really frustrating to want to get all these things done and just not have the energy to do them.

So all of that aside, if there is anyone who would like to contribute any kind of guest art/fiction/etc to the site, I would certainly love to share it up on the front page as filler for another week or two while I kick this bug out of my lungs. I will provide credit and links to your own comic/DA/whatever, of course, and will also put your art up on the Fan Stuff page for everyone to see for the rest of forever after. You can e-mail anything you’d like to share to me at bug [at], submit it to DA and note me a link, or post it on the forums.

If not, hey, at least here’s an update about what’s going on with the comic! Here’s to a (hopefully) much better and healthier 2014. Thank you for all these years of continued support; just knowing there are readers out there enjoying what I do makes it worthwhile.

Call for Guest Art & Other Announcements

Call for Guest Art & Other Announcements published on 2 Comments on Call for Guest Art & Other Announcements

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper newspost, so here’s one, since I have a couple of things to announce for once!

First off, I’m putting out a call for guest art! I’m looking for comics, art, stories, pretty much whatever as long as it’s Messenger-related. Why? Because I’m running a half-marathon in two weeks and I’m going to be planning and stressing and finishing up my training during that week, and I doubt I’ll be able to fit regular comic time in. So that’s where you come in! Anything you throw at me, I will feature during the week of September 9-15th! For more details, check out this post on the MonsterHive forums!

Secondly, play this youtube clip in the background while you read the rest of this post. Go on, do it now. I’ll wait.

Ready? Okay.

I have a pretty cool announcement to make that I’ve been sitting on all summer, and boy has it ever been killing me. If you’ve been following my Twitter at all, you may have seen me mumbling about a secret project. You may have assumed this was the launch of MonsterHive, but you sir, would be wrong.

This fall, I’m launching a completely new comic with my partner in crime Delade, set in the Messenger universe called Follower. I can’t tell you much about it just yet, but I can tell you it’s something between a prequel and a spinoff, and yes, there will be Chios. I’m planning for it to start at the end of October, if all goes well. It’ll update weekly, but the launch will also be accompanied by a print release so you can read it all at once, if you like.

There isn’t much there yet, but you’ll want to bookmark in advance, and keep an eye on it. Just sayin’.


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