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Updates, minicomics & fanart

Updates, minicomics & fanart published on

Messenger is back! Weekly updates should resume on Saturday as usual from here out. Follower will continue to update on Wednesdays. Ask a Chio updates…whenever.

I spent part of this weekend updating the layout for both Messenger and Follower. Both comics are now more mobile-friendly, and should look nice on things like iPads and phones and whatever other crazy touchscreen devices people are using these days. I am still making a few tweaks, but the big changes are all done. If you spot anything that isn’t working, don’t hesitate to let me know!

The “Light” minicomic continues – you can view the latest page by voting for Messenger on TopWebcomics! I’ve also put up all the back pages in a new minicomics section as thanks to everyone for supporting the comic so far.

I also have a couple of new fan art drawings to share:

Batchio by Spartan
by Spartan
Sandwiches by Spartan
by Spartan

Thanks, Spartan!

And thanks to everyone else for your continued support and readership! See you next Saturday for more!

Fanart Monday?

Fanart Monday? published on No Comments on Fanart Monday?

Hey readers! I realize the page is late, but I am working on it. I’ve been putting most of my effort lately into production work on the Follower book so I can (cross your fingers) get it in print before the end of August. I’m making pretty good progress! I’m also working on some new ideas for hte shop as well, but comics are my priority right now. Once all that is done, Messenger should update much less erratically. I am also considering making update day Monday instead of Saturday, but I’m not sure yet.

In the meantime, please enjoy these two pieces of fanart I received recently and failed to do a Fanart Friday for! Thanks to Yellow and Squashue!

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