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Podcasting today on the Webcomic Beacon!

Podcasting today on the Webcomic Beacon! published on No Comments on Podcasting today on the Webcomic Beacon!

Just a silly reminder that I’m going to be talking about comics, watercolors, and making comics with watercolors today on the Webcomic Beacon! You can tune in live at 12 PM EST to listen in as I make a fool of myself all over the internet. They’ll also have an archived version up you can download afterwards. Should be a good time.

Also: apologies for the late pages. I have them halfway to complete, and I’m hoping to have them up tonight. Real life is awesome, but also time-consuming, unfortunately.

200 pages! Comics! Other stuff!

200 pages! Comics! Other stuff! published on 3 Comments on 200 pages! Comics! Other stuff!

It’s Monday, and yet another update! This is Messenger’s 200th page! I should really be closer to 300 pages by now, but there was that one year during school where I just kind of fell off the comics-making face of the Earth. Whoops. Now, on to 300!

Just a reminder that the Fanart Contest is now underway! Remember, the deadline for entry is August 25th! There are categories for just about anything you can think to create, so don’t feel like you can’t enter if you don’t want to draw!

In other notes, that Webcomic Book Club thing I’m doing with Palace in the Sky has some official blog-posting stuff going on now as well. You can follow along with our Comic of the (bi)Week, since we’re talking about a different comic every two weeks.

Since that only takes place every two weeks or so, I figured I’d take the time in-between scheduled reviews to plug some of my friends’ comics. This week I’ve decided to feature Lunavis by my friend, Pompolic!

Lunavis is kind of a sci-fi/fantasy/adventure story in a semi-futuristic world. Locke is a doctor being sent across the front lines in the war against the Demons, where he meets a very unusual girl. Although Lunavis is just barely about to break 30 pages, it’s well-written with an intriguing story and an entertaining sense of humor throughout. Check out Lunavis! (And bug Pomp to make more pages!)

That’s about all for now. Check back Friday for the next page!

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