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Books and Late Updates

Books and Late Updates published on No Comments on Books and Late Updates

Eeek. Yes, there has been an update this week! I just didn’t write a real update post to go along with it. Why? Because things have been crazy here at Bug Industries over the past week, and I’ve also been sinking a bunch of time into working on Book 2.

I just submitted the re-release of the first issue of Messenger to Kablam for printing. It looks as though it’ll round out to about $7 + shipping, which is pretty sweet compared to Lulu’s 12. I’ll probably take the Lulu copy down soon (but leave up the e-book or something if I can) since it’s kind of pointless and redundant to have two versions floating around. Issue 2 will likely shape up to be around the same price, and since books aren’t terribly heavy I’ll bet shipping will be combined. I am debating/working out the logistics of doing a pre-order thing – bundling the 2 books signed/sketched in, with a sticker and/or a bookmark or some other thing. I’ll have a better idea when I get the second book finished and off to the printer, but I’d guess the price would be about $20 shipped? Does that sound horribly prohibitive? Would anyone even care? I don’t even know. D:

All that said, if you snagged a copy of the Lulu version sometime in the past year, don’t bother picking up the new Kablam print; they’re identical with the exception of a couple of ads at the end and a different cover. (Save your moneys and pick up issue 2 later this summer! :V )

In other notes, there are a couple of new link exchanges up on the links page, which I’ve neglected to mention: Wayrift and Ginpu! Thanks for linking, guys! 🙂

Vote incentives are late but will be up in a day or so – like I said, things have been crazy around here lately. Ugh.

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