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Book in hand! (Now with more Raichu)

Book in hand! (Now with more Raichu) published on No Comments on Book in hand! (Now with more Raichu)

My copy of the new edition of Messenger #1 as printed by Ka-Blam just arrived! Hooray! 😀

Let’s join Raichu here with some terrible iPhone photos! (Because my decent camera isn’t charged, and I’m too excited!) You can click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image.

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Surprise! published on 2 Comments on Surprise!

In case you missed it, Messenger updated last night! I always hate leaving up a cover page at the beginning of a chapter because it seems like I’m “cheating” and skipping a real comic. But at the same time, I want people to see them before the new pages go up. It’s a struggle. :B

Not much else to report for the moment, other than I’ve utilized Webcomic’s neato archiving feature to organize the Archives exactly the way I’ve wanted them to look since FOREVER. It never made sense to organize them by date, so now they’re organized by chapters, instead. (If it seems like I’m totally playing up the Webcomic thing, that’s because I am. It is fantastic!)

You might also notice that they’re also divided under a big new heading that says “Part 1.” That’s because I’ve finally settled once and for all on how I’m dividing up the story! Part 1 will run through the end of Chapter 10, at which point things will really start to turn. At some point I’ll throw in the title and so on, but I’m not quite there, yet. That’s quite some time from now, so no point in giving things away so soon. 😉

The past couple of weeks have been full of stuff related to new-house-issues and other time consuming things, so I’ve hit the end of my buffer and book work has slowed to a minor halt. This week will include putting together the next few weeks’ pages and then digging back into the book. I’ve got about half the pages at least inked, most are completely done. I have a lot of the written stuff done, but I need to draw the accompanying illustrations. Things to do.

In other quick notes, my friend Arby is rebooting her webcomic, Grayling! It just started yesterday, so even though there’s not much available yet, you should check it out. She’s also going to be putting out a print version soon, so you can read the new stuff before it hits the internet. And speaking of that, I put together an ad that’s going in it somewhere! I spent far too long making it, but it’ll do.

messenger ad

That’s all for now! Have a great rest of the week, and come back Monday for a new page! 🙂

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