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a small orange cat says hello. or purr, actually.

a small orange cat says hello. or purr, actually. published on No Comments on a small orange cat says hello. or purr, actually.

Very minor notes here from myself and my cat. Now that classes and exams are over I’ve started in on a couple of new pages; so far pencils are done, inks on some, colors on one. I’d like to get enough of a head start so that I don’t fall behind again before I go wild and start updating again. Regardless, this will be soon! Work and life are keeping me busy, but not that busy.

This is really odd, but I got an email from my webhost earlier this evening saying my account’s been cancelled. I definitely didn’t ask for it to be cancelled, and I can’t think of a reason why they’d kick me out, but I think I’ll take this as reason enough to finally take the initiative and move on to bigger and better things. So, as a well-in-advance warning, things may shake up a bit here in the next couple of months, but nothing permanent.

In short:

I’m not dead, I’m still working, and I’m not going anywhere (even if it looks like I am, am not, and have.)


in-vin-ci-ble published on No Comments on in-vin-ci-ble

Hello, internets! It is Monday and the first official day of my Spring break. I have been rather busy with classes and other work up to now, but since it’s break I ought to be able to get out another page or two before the week’s out. Rock.

Anyway, this is me encouraging everyone to visit the forum, catch up on comics for a day or two, and listen to some OK Go because I enjoy them and I said so. And relax, if you’re also on Spring break. 😉

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