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Advance Pages!

Advance Pages! published on No Comments on Advance Pages!

In the lead up to Messenger’s return this August, I’ve started posting new pages weekly for everyone on Patreon. If you pledge as little as $1, you can check out new stuff as it’s posted. I’ve also been streaming some work on the new pages on Mondays on Twitch – follow Radiochio for stream updates!

In other minor news, I added a new page for anyone who wants a quick refresher on the story so far without re-reading the entire archive. Check out The Story So Far!

You can also join in on the Discord to talk all things Messenger/Follower!

That’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for reading!

Messenger returns!

Messenger returns! published on No Comments on Messenger returns!

That’s right! Starting on August 3, Messenger will return with new weekly pages! But if you pledge any amount to our Patreon, you can start seeing new pages as early as today! In return, you’ll get your choice of rewards, including a huge backlog of bonus material. Support us on Patreon!

In case you missed it, I’ve also started weekly streams of comic work on Twitch, usually on Mondays and Tuesdays. Follow my channel to get notifications of when I’m live!


Streaming! published on No Comments on Streaming!

I’m planning to start a weekly stream while I work on Messenger pages! Usually this will be Monday nights (eastern time). You can follow me on Twitch to get notified when I go live:

I think I’m going to call it Messenger Mondays, but I haven’t got a clever name for Tuesday yet. Any ideas?

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