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Book in hand! (Now with more Raichu)

Book in hand! (Now with more Raichu) published on No Comments on Book in hand! (Now with more Raichu)

My copy of the new edition of Messenger #1 as printed by Ka-Blam just arrived! Hooray! 😀

Let’s join Raichu here with some terrible iPhone photos! (Because my decent camera isn’t charged, and I’m too excited!) You can click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger image.

The interior is printed nice and crisp, and looks especially great in this slightly larger size. (Not that you can really tell from these pictures, but Raichu will assure you it is.)

Side by side with the old Lulu print on the right. You can see how much larger the Ka-Blam print is. The Ka-Blam book feels sturdier, and seems like a slightly higher quality overall.

The content inside is the same as the Lulu version: all of Chapter One, plus two extra comics, Q&A, character information, and other stuff.

Eldora even makes an appearance on the front interior to highlight Messenger’s website! The color on the inside and outside covers is brilliant. I can’t wait until I have a color project to print! It will look gorgeous.

Having a finished book in hand is such a great feeling. Now, to get back to work on #2! You can snag a copy of this shiny new #1 from IndyPlanet!

(Psst, you should also check out my friend Arborwin’s comic Grayling! She also just finished a book which I look forward to snagging when it’s available!)

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