Contest Time! Make Stuff!

On August 27, 2010, Messenger will have been around for six years! To celebrate six years of making comics and Chios wandering the desert forever, I’ve decided to hold a fanart contest! The contest is open to everyone, and the rules are pretty simple.


There’s a theme, but only to prevent every entry from being the same picture of Eldora standing around looking awesome. (Everyone loves Eldora, I know.) You don’t have to illustrate it word for word, just take the idea and do whatever you want with it.

Since most of the characters in the story so far have found themselves wandering across the middle of nowhere, it might be fair to say that they know how to survive out there. Or do they? The interpretation is up to you.


There are three categories to enter, which will hopefully accomodate everyone. Remember, the point of the contest is mostly to have fun, so don’t worry if you don’t think you’re a perfect artist. You can enter more than one category if you want to, and you can enter as many submissions as you’d like.

Visual: This category consists of drawings, paintings, fan comics, sculpture, or other visual media. If you can scan it, take a picture of it, or save it as some kind of still image (like a .jpg) then it fits here.

Written: Any kind of written stuff can fit in here. Fan fiction, stories, scripts, or anything like that. Spell and grammar check before you submit, please!

Multimedia: For lack of a better term. This category is for things like music, audio, video, or something totally out of left field. If it moves, makes noise, or doesn’t really fit in the other categories, it probably belongs here.

Note: If you use manipulated comic pages or re-draw existing Messenger art for your entry, it will be disqualified. Be creative and make something awesome!


To enter, create a piece of artwork that falls within one of the three categories and represents your idea of the theme in some way. Entries must contain at least one character from anywhere in Messenger so far, although you can also include your own fan characters, side characters, redshirts, or whatever. You can submit as many entries as you want, in as many categories as you want.

Submit your entry to this section of the forum by August 25, 2010. (If you are submitting a video, post it to YouTube or a similar site and put a link to it on the forum. If you have audio and need a place to host it, e-mail the file to me at and I’ll put it up for you.)

All entries will be displayed on the front page as they are received! You can also display your entries on the Messenger fan group on Deviantart.


This is all anyone cares about anyway, right? Each category will have one winner. Each winner will receive one full-color vector art commission from me! (That would be something that looks like this or this. The winners’ commissions can be of whatever they want, not just Messenger characters! Commissions will be e-mailed to the winners as high-resolution files.)

Additionally, there will be one Awesome Prize! One winner will be chosen out of all the entries by a vote open to all readers. This prize will consist of gloating and telling everyone how awesome you are a choice of one vector art commission or one watercolor commission. (Both types of commission will be e-mailed to the winner as a high-resolution file.)

All winners will also have the option of adding a custom title to their forum account. Fancy!


Judging for the three winners will be done by myself and Arborwin of Grayling. I might pull in one or two other judges if necessary, but there’s no real need to overcomplicate things.

Judging for the Awesome Prize is up to the readers. I will provide a poll and keep things as transparent as possible.

The contest is now closed! Thanks for all your awesome entries!