Finn, Alone: 8

Finn, Alone: 8

The conclusion! Finn, Alone is the story of Finn’s last days in the Chio Village, and was funded through the support of our Patreon backers! Patrons at all pledge levels can currently read the entire mini comic! Supporting us on Patreon helps us continue to produce new comics, and backers get rewards like custom art and early comic pages. Become a Chio supporter today and help us keep the lights on.

Schedule Change Weekend of 4/2!

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Hi everyone! I just wanted to make a quick post noting that the comic will update on 4/3 this weekend instead of tomorrow, 4/2. We are up to our ears preparing for the Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo tomorrow, and I’d rather not rush a comic page in before I try to get to bed early. We have to be on the road by 5 am tomorrow, ugh! If you’re in the Pittsburgh area, please stop in and see us! We will have books and prints, and there are tons of workshops and events going on all day. Best of all, admission is free!

Thanks for reading, and have a great weekend!

Come see us at PIX! and other news

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We will be at the Pittsburgh Indy Comix Expo next Saturday, April 2! If you’re in the area please drop in and say hi! We will have copies of Follower #1 and 2, other mini comics and zines, prints, and sketch cards!¬†Admission and parking are both free, and there will be tons of great comics folks there!

In other news, I am currently taking on commission work to help pay for some unexpected and necessary car repairs!

Here’s what I’m offering:

Bugbyte's Emergency Car Repair Commissions!

If you’ve ever wanted some art from me, now’s your chance! Send an email to bug [at] with details and I’ll get back to you. More details on availability and options are in this Deviantart journal.

I am also currently offering 10% off everything in my Gumroad shop with the code “carparts“! (No quotes.) Grab a comic and help me stay out of massive debt!

Thanks for reading, and hopefully we’ll see some folks this weekend in Pittsburgh!

Messenger Mini-Break

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I hadn’t anticipated the need to do so, but Messenger will be taking a short break until the first weekend in March. This is so I can spend more time on properly getting the third issue of Follower ready for print. I don’t want to compromise one comic for the other, so it seems the best way to make sure everything gets done correctly is to take a short break. There’s a distinct possibility that I’ll finish the book work before March, and if that’s the case, updates will come a lot sooner! But in the meantime, that’s my deadline for getting things done.

Apologies for the unexpected hiccup, and thanks for reading!

Stuff to Listen to! (Update: With Audition Information!

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Open your ears! We have a couple of new comic-related audio things for your listening enjoyment!

The first comes from Jacinto and a few Follower readers, who surprised us recently with the beginnings of a Follower radio play! They’ve done the first bit of Chapter One, and we hope they’ll keep going because it’s a really good start!

The radio play is also currently seeking auditions for more characters, so they can continue making more episodes! If you’re interested in voicing a Follower character, here’s what you need to know:

Anyone interested should record dialogue from at least three consecutive pages of the comic that have the character speaking in every one (I will make exceptions for characters that haven’t had that much dialogue yet, like Wolzarski) Other characters lines can be played by another person, by text-to-speech software, or just omitted.

Submissions can either be shared with via Google Drive, or uploaded to a site like Youtube or Soundcloud and linked to us with this form. Any file format will be accepted. Final date to submit TBD.

Also, I am opening up auditions for everyone except Richart (Since you liked Richart, and the actor has expressed a lot of enthusiasm for continuing the part, I’m going to keep him). Depending on how everything goes, I’m hoping to have a full episode recorded by the end of February.

Delade and I are both really excited about this, and really hope to see it continue, so please submit an audition if you think you can pull off a good Captain Bash or a perfect Dia!

Secondly, the first episode of our kinda-sorta-whenever Q&A podcast, Chio Chat, is now up! You can download or listen to it on, our new project/portfolio hub site!